March 2006

Back to school :)

March 29, 2006 13:22

Hi again,

I've been quite busy these days entertaining some friends and ex-colleagues from Darmstadt (very close to Heidelberg) who came to see me and get a glimpse of south-middle Europe.
We traveled to Slovenia (Ljubljana) on Friday and to Italy (Udine) on Saturday. They were quite amazed that one can visit so many countries in just one weekend! That's why I like Villach.

Here is a nice picture of Udine

and this is what happens when I feel like doing the monkey SRC=""

On the other hand I must admit that this visit kept me the whole weekend away from practicing, from friday to sunday.

The rehearsal with the chamber orchestra went fine. After 3 or 4 sessions with Beethoven's first symphony finally I'm able to play almost the whole of all four movements without doing too many errors. Next week it'll be the cemballo concerto 1052. I love that one very much and I really can't wait to play it again SRC=""

Today I had my first rehearsal with the music school group. I play first violin together with three young girls, there's a contrabass and a piano player who might be above 15, the rest (2nd and 3rd violin) are kids between 9 and 12.
I think I didn't mention that I'm 28, but I don't care about the age, I just want to learn and give a good impression to the school director, who is also componist and conductor, so that I can enter the music school in September next.
I just should remember to shave next wednesday morning SRC=""
It's the first time we play together and it sounds bad (awful actually). I hope we improve a lot before the three concerts in the congress center.
I also must practice it seriously. It's also the first time for me in the first violin but this pieces are easy. It's a home made composition (an opera) for the anual representation of the music school. We'll have to play mainly for parents and friends of the kids.

Right after the rehearsal I met Iris for my class. I really enjoyed it (as usual), though I had a bit of a cold, sore throat and small headache.
Iris spent around 15 min. extra with me, I was tired at the end.... too much violin in the last two days and to little practice during the weekend.
Fortunately I got plenty of homework for next week, and now I have time to practice.
I also have to prepare the small opera for next wednesday. I have to be a good example for the kids SRC=""

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Happy birthday

March 21, 2006 03:24

Hi all,

for those who still don't know, Johann Sebastian Bach is having his 321st birthday of the year TODAY!

When Bach was born some countries had not yet adopted the gregorian calendar, so Bach has two birthdays!
This year (2006), March 21 on Julian Calendar (the old calendar) corresponds to Monday, April 3 on Gregorian Calendar (the current calendar), as there is difference of 13 days between Julian Calendar and Gregorian Calendar this year. The discrepancy is becoming large by one day every 100 years (excepting the year 1600 and 2000.
Here you have more information about it, if you're interested:

Let's see how we celebrate it properly. I started with the Musical Offering, and now it goes on with "Ich habe genug" BWV 82 and the oboe d'amore concerto BWV 1055. Fantastisch!

This last weekend was boring but productive (for the violin it was productive, the rest was boring). I practiced some technical works, mostly 3 octaves and right hand technique. Haydn and Telemann for two violins are sounding nice, I'm looking forward to playing them with Iris tomorrow!
On the other hand I had a bad fall while skating and my hip is still looking a bit blue. I would like to start running this week. I've gained two or three kilos and I MUST run below 3 hours in Leipzig this year (3.9 - Mitteldeutscher Marathon), it'll have to wait one or two days
I adore this Marathon because it goes from Leipzig (Bach's city) to Halle (Haendel's birthplace). I find it very musical

Now I should go back to work, this is not serious

ah! by the way, the heifetz video was absolutely amazing!

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Introducing Iris...

March 15, 2006 13:44

Hi everybody,

I had my violin class today, Iris is my teacher. She is austrian, but she can speak german too

We played a Haydn duo and the first of 6 Telemann sonatas for 2 violins or flutes.
She seems to love Haydn. I don't know her much yet, but she seems to like the kind of music that you can dance and sing. Actually she sings all the time.
She also played a bit of Bartok's romanian folk dances, just for fun, and I'm going to call her just now to see if she can bring the notes next week. They are completely amazing.

Yesterday rehearsal with the chamber orchestra. I didn't enjoy it at all, ...maybe at the end, the first movement. I had slept 9 hours between sunday and tuesday and I had injured my right knee skating on Sunday, and it hurts. I "jumped" to much on one leg, and it's always the right one. Now I see why professionals are so young
I hope I'll do better week time with Britten's symple symphony.
I'm going to update the Homepage and finish my dinner... and then I'd like to take Telemann again, it's "just" 21:30 now, my neighbours will complain I guess

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Here I go...!

March 10, 2006 14:29

Hi all,

this is my first entry so I would like to start by thanking you all for the fun I've had reading your texts. Many times I found in these texts the motivation to take my violin again and keep on practicing. Thanks again!

About myself... I have moved to this lovely city in Austria a few months ago and I must say life here is quite different than I expected.
I miss the great concerts in Frankfurt (midori, mullova, hilary hahn, alban berg quartett...), the free public transport, my running mates and also the german language.
The local people here are sometimes hard to understand. This happened to me one of my first days at the office, i was falling asleep in a meeting when someone suddenly said "a-moll". I woke up immediately "hey! they're talking about music!!", then they repeated "a-moll" a couple of times and I realized that they were saying "ein mal" ("once" in german)... :)

But there are also some good things here. I found very soon a chamber orchestra to play with.
They even asked me to make a web-site for them, so here it goes:
I would appreciate comments and suggestions to make it look better...

Another good thing is the music school. It's small for a middle-size city like Villach, but they are accepting adults, so I will have a chance to start my studies here and maybe in some years I can think of joining the conservatory in Klagenfurt (the capital of Carinthia, the state where I live).

The city itself is nice. Those who have read till the end really deserve this nice picture. I took it last monday!

Ah! I forgot. Carinthia is a great place for hiking too!

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