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Freedom Within Bars

Heather Broadbent

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Published: July 11, 2014 at 1:16 PM [UTC]

Freedom - Something that I have been obsessed with you can say...

In the states, for 10 years, my vanity plate was libre_1, "Libre" is french for Free - Free One.

Too funny because now I'm writing a post about freedom in the violin journey including freeing the ONE - the first finger on the left hand of the violin.

In this fantastically delish freedom post we will discuss:

1.Freeing the one in the left hand
2.The importance of finding freedom within bars of music
3.How you can ultimately tear down your own walls whether that may be in your violin journey or in life in general but really aren't they ONE and the same?

WARNING: This post is JAM PACKED of Golden Nuggets for your violin journey.

One of the biggest and most common problems I observed in students in my 20 years of teaching resulting in very large intonation issues was the first finger not being used properly. I was guilty of it myself at the beginning of violin journey because no one taught me how to properly use the first finger. I was just told to play a low 1 - ok, so I did but my teacher didn't go into details about how to achieve that. This is the case for many violin enthusiasts on the beginning of their journey.

In the video training below, I discuss in detail the importance of the first finger behaving properly - How to FREE the One by basically unlocking it at the knuckle to play low one.
Don't let the other fingers give into the peer pressure of the low one - they all remain the same. Watch the video below to learn more...

Post #6 of "The Great 38"

Fantabulous Freedom

As mentioned above, the topic of freedom is a very expansive topic. In our violin journey, we desire technical freedom and relish in musical freedom. Learn in the video below extracted from Violin Fitness, how you can find your freedom within bars - not the corner bars but the bar lines constricting the measures....

(The video is a bit shaky because I was out in nature and it was taken by my phone but the content is completely with it !)

Freedom Within Bars (bar lines)

In the above video I discuss the tearing down of my own Berlin Wall - Check out the results in the video below.
Heather Broadbent's "Naked Soul"

Just for Fun I have to throw this music video in the mix... One of my fave songs from the 90's

George Michael Freedom

Didn't see any Violin Secret's Academy video training in this post ?

I know I pack it full of information - tons for you to absorb, but it sure is fun.

Here is your Violin Secrets Video training extracted from the Intermediate level of Violin Secrets Academy.

Free the One in Third Position.

Happy Freedom Finding,

Yours in Light,
Heather Broadbent

This post was shared specially for the readers of - it is a private post only for members of the free online video training program

"The Great 38"

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