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15 Tips to Transform Your Performance Jitters to Positive Performance Peace

Heather Broadbent

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Published: February 21, 2014 at 4:34 PM [UTC]

Heather Broadbent

1. Forgiveness

Forgive you, yourself, past experiences, institutions - How can you share freely your gifts when you have blocked energy about yourself or situations?  Be in a constant state of forgiveness and move your energy forward.

2. Acceptance and Love

Know and accept who you are. Love you for you. Know that perfection is an impossibility and stop comparing yourself to others. You are on your journey no one else's journey. You are Unique.

3. Humility - Let go of ego

Don't put yourself on too high of pedestal.  The higher the pedestal - the harder the fall

4. Have a Don't Care Attitude

Don't care what others think of you or your playing.  Just do your best - it is all you can do.

5. Performing is Sharing 

What exactly is performing?  All performance is is sharing. It is a connection between you and your audience. You know you are special and that you have something special - a gift.  You have been chosen as the instrument to the musical voice.  When you are performing you are opening the doors of the divine to another soul.

6.  Mistakes are a Myth 

Mistakes are part of the learning process.  If they help you grow are they truly mistakes?

7. Stop Believing in Right or Wrong 

Crazy idea in music I know - We can recreate the music to the best of our ability.  Think of right and not right - Clear the feeling of rejection (easier said than done after a grueling audition) and clear the feeling of being wrong.

8. Mantras are Miraculous

Say mantras to yourself
"Performing is my superpower."
"I'm a Positive Performing Pathfinder."
Ask yourself, "What vibrational energy do I need to be to have a positive performance?"


9. Create your own Music 

Liberate yourself, create and perform.  Who is going to tell you YOUR music is wrong - it is your music.

10. A Performance is a Picture

Have you ever had a bad picture taken of you? Of course you have, we all have.  Your performance is only a picture of you on that given moment.  It is not you as a musician or a person. Hey we all have good hair days and bad hair days - same with performances.

11. Set Your Intent Before the Performance.

Think only positive and your outcome will be positive. No matter what happens your performance will be positive.

12. Meditation

Count backwards from 50 to 1 in order to access your subconscious and envision your positive performance.

13. Have Confidence

Work daily on feeling good about you.  I always say you have to work the core 4 areas every day to build your confidence: Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Emotional.

14. Get Physical

Exercise is like prozac - seriously, no joke.  Exercise balances the neurotransmitters of the brain.  I can't take credit for coming up with something this brilliant :) Find this interesting? You would love to read the book "Spark - the Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain," by John J. Ratey

Find a favorite physical activity and do it daily.

15. Have fun and Perform (Share) as much as possible.

Yep my friends - You already know you are chosen by the voice - that is why you are a performing artist.  You have been bitten by the bug so to speak so get over yourself and be the gifted instrument that you are. Don't stand in your own way any longer :)

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From hooman rezaeian
Posted on February 23, 2014 at 1:00 PM
the right approach to music performance even to life
Posted on February 26, 2014 at 9:49 PM
Sorry for being so grizzled and old fashioned about violin playing, but I just don't understand the touchy-feely attitude to violin performance. I came out of the 1940-50's violin torture training and I failed. No nurturing only grim reality! (I am a retired professional engineer who still practices his violin and suffers!)

I see the violin as a potent musical weapon, not a musical toy used to satisfy the feeelings of emotionally starved people trying to have "fun" fiddling in futility. Suzuki is fine for children because they want to do the whole gestalt and play "songs" instantly for their glee and pleasure.

Adults attempting to learn the violin beast may start with Suzuki to satisfy their Inner Child, but they had better graduate quickly to scales, etudes, theory, i.e. reading notes... or else they will end up in limbo and a morass of unhappiness.

Enough of this feeelgoood attitude and get down to tough work to get better, because insecurity is due to poor technique from inadequate practice and poor instruction!

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