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Heather Broadbent

Love, Hope, Believe and Be Thankful

September 13, 2013 at 9:17 AM

Three Amazing Words

Living in Bulgaria is quite the adventure. Through HOPE, BELIEF and LOVE I knew I was to be in Bulgaria. I have a multifaceted purpose to be here. One of the reasons I know is to grow online and to be able to reach out to people all around the world. If I continued my very busy schedule in the states this would be an impossibility.

HOPE is an interesting word because in order to hope deep down there is a sense of KNOWING and that sense of knowing is BELIEF so hope is really belief that hasn't entered yet into the present moment. In the past I HOPED to be in Bulgaria but I BELIEVED it to be so and NOW I AM here. Past, Present and Future are completely intertwined :)

I LOVE playing with the Gabrovo Chamber Orchestra here in Bulgaria. It is such a different experience than playing in large symphony orchestras. I do miss the larger productions I was involved in in the states. Some things you just can't do with a chamber orchestra like Carmina Burana, Beethoven's ninth, Shostakovitch Symphony 5 but there is such an intimacy playing with the chamber orchestra that I am completely happy and fulfilled. We are truly one. That is pretty difficult to say and to experience playing in a Symphony Orchestra - not saying that it is an impossibility just more difficult.

As I live here in Bulgaria, I feel a stronger connection and unification with others around the world. I am not isolated in my life but feel an expansion - like riding the wave of life surrounded by others in a same purpose. Some people may think that I would feel more isolated in Bulgaria because of it's physical location on the Earth but it is not so.

I have connected with such amazing people on the internet. It is truly a matter of attraction, magnetism, and synchronization. I would say most of these people have no idea that they have influenced, inspired, or activated HOPE, BELIEF and LOVE inside of me. I am THANKFUL for them that they chose to be present.

One more stone and one more word needs to be added to our Three Amazing Words and that is THANKFUL. I am indeed thankful for the amazing journey the violin has given me. I am thankful for the opportunity I have to work with the Gabrovo Chamber Orchestra, to live here in Bulgaria, to feel a connection with others globally and to help others on their violin journey.

I HOPE, BELIEVE and KNOW that all those that need me as their guide to make their violin journey easier find me in essence we are already connected.

This reminds me of my personal story when I was struggling to find the right teacher for me. Five years after graduating from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a violin performance degree and working successfully as a violinist I wanted something more. I wanted to make my playing to the next level and my level was already very high so I had very high standards for a teacher - I wanted someone who could truly kick my ass - someone who could stretch me beyond my limitations. After some time I almost gave up on finding that person and then she entered my life. She soloed with 5 different orchestras I was playing with in one season (BIG sign from the Universe). So I had a season to go through the process mentally that she was the one for me. The last concert I approached Rachel Barton Pine and she said yes. At my first lesson she asked me why I was there because it is not normal that violinists at my level would have lessons. I said that I wanted to be the best violinist I can be.

Yesterday, I told a student that the violin is truly bigger than us. The yearning for the violin, for music starts from within... and after 34 years of instruments in my life (yes 34 years ) I have learned that the true goal is to CONNECT to that place of where the yearning originated .... full circle.

"Music is a way to discover the Divine within us.”
Eugene Fodor

Be TRUE... Be YOU ... Be

Heather Broadbent, Holistic Violinist

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