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How to CRUSH it in the Practice Room

Heather Broadbent

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Published: October 17, 2013 at 1:25 PM [UTC]

You will need:

1.Your Calendar
2.Notebook (be it oldfashioned or computer)
4.Current projects (books, pieces, scales, etudes)
5.Recorder and Metronome
7.Violin of course:)


TIME Amount

First have an idea of how much you CAN practice a day be it thirty minutes or six hours. Be REALISTIC! You may WANT to practice 6 hours a day but CAN only practice 40 minutes. Don't set yourself up for failure at the very start scheduling an IMPOSSIBILITY!



*PRACTICE at your PEAK Times
*You are UNAVAILABLE when you practice. Mark Busy in your calendars. TURN OFF YOUR PHONE. Better yet maybe don't even have a phone in your practice room.
*Take Breaks
*Have HEALTHY snacks


Create and Use Your Personal Practice Road Map

*Count your Etudes and pieces

*Write how many minutes you will be spending on each one – don't go over your alotted Time Amount

*For thirty minute beginner practice say you have three books: Suzuki, Introduction to the Positions and Wohlfahrt, you would divide your time, thirty minutes by three and that would be ten minutes on each book. If you need to spend more time on your piece say fifteen minutes on Suzuki than you have seven and a half minutes on the other books.

*For six hours you may think that is a lot of time but if you are working on enough to fill the six hours and you organize your road map you may find it is not enough time. If this is the case, create a practice road map for Monday, Wednesday and Friday and a different road map for Tuesday and Thursday to alternate some of the material.


The timer is your friend and time manager.
USE it!

Step 4

Create and Use a Practice Journal

*Write down what was great and what wasn't
*Adjust times or content of the next practice session if needed


Stay Organized

*Always keep your practice journal nearby when you practice.
Have all your pieces AND Etudes measures numbered BEFORE practicing.
*When you encounter a specific problem during your practice session record in your practice journal the specific measure number and issue to be fixed.

REMEMBER Isolation is the key. Drill small bits and then connect the bits.

Use a Recorder for the fastest progress on the bits – Record, listen, fix and repeat - EASY!!

Register here for How to Crush it in the Practice Room Class!!!

Wednesday October 23, 12:00CST

Be TRUE...Be YOU...BE...
Heather Broadbent

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