April 2009

Italian film on violin making and moreā€¦

April 29, 2009 21:05

For those interested in the violin, music and Italy……you will enjoy this.

This link was forwarded to me from a colleague—


God bless,



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April 7, 2009 11:32

What to know and how to practice. 

1. Identify/Know every:

• Note

• Hand Group

• Position

• Shift's Guide Note/Finger (always shift with 1st finger to new position, both on the last string played and on the 'new' string when there is a change of string). Additionally, practice the same shifting of position with the 'new' finger when there is a change of finger.

• Rhythmic Pattern

• Bow Stroke (direction) for String Crossing and identify Rhythmic Placement (where in the rhythmic pattern the string crossing occurs).

2. Developing passages and dealing with problems: Identify > Fix > Repair > Learn > MASTER:-)

• ONE note at a time.

• Then 2 notes.

• Then 3 notes.

• Then exit out of section.

• Then work into section.

• Then combine.

Think through every move, flowing into and out of each note, having no hesitations mentally of physically—absolute clarity of thought and ease of action combined.

• Then increase speed gradually—initially use small incremental increases and varied rhythmic patterns.

• Rhythmic patterns are to be done in shifts, as well. Hear, feel and see every shift as smooth as silk.

Commit all to memory during the above process, not just the 'tune' or sound of it, but ALL OF IT.

Sounds like a lot to do only because it is. This kind of work will become second nature in a relatively short period of time. 

Have fun and enjoy the progress.

Have fun learning it incredibly well.

God bless,


Author of

"Violin Technique: The Manual, How to master" 

"Viola Technique: The Manual, How to master"

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April 6, 2009 07:10

Hello Mr. Lecher. I am finally e-mailing you before midnight! Yes!
Well today I practiced for 6 hours... at CYSO. :) And let me tell you, that is what I call a mental workout..... blahhhhh.... Honestly, I feel like I cant move another muscle, so what I did was I used all your techniques during practice and made sure I was using all of them efficiently and effectively, since I have to use them anyway in anything I do. I have created my schedule/planner sheet and cleverly placed it in a good place in my room. After today's experience, I really think I understand what a really good practice is. I will notify you how practice goes tomorrow though. 
Best Wishes—S.
Hi S,
Yes, every time you pick up the violin is a practice time—one must always be working to improve.
6 hours of rehearsing is excessive, especially for young players. Really concentrate on posture and form—back straight, chest up, violin up, arms free to move in any direction, NO SQUEEZING of head, neck and shoulder to hold instrument, NO SQUEEZING of left hand, fingers and arm, NO SQUEEZING OF ANYTHING, and KEEP YOUR MIND ALERT! 
Sit/stand tall and light—always.
I look forward to the next report:-)

God bless,

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