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Technology and Practice

Dottie Case

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Published: February 6, 2014 at 5:42 PM [UTC]

Lately, I seem to have fallen ill with a 'technology virus' of some sort. My small computer, which goes EVERYWHERE with me, is refusing to charge. Since I have only a very 'dumb' smart phone, and no tablets, etc. it means I am chained to my dinosaur laptop if I wish to accomplish any work at all.

Because of where I live (in the middle of a heavily forested hill in a very sparsely populated area), I cannot receive cell phone reception at home. My baby computer with its wireless signal is my connection to everything. And now it is ill, and I haven't yet bothered to call the doctor.

One of the results of my computer being out of commission is that I watch almost no television after work anymore, since I always did so with half a brain on the TV and my eyes on the screen of the little computer on my lap as I read and sent emails, chatted with my kids, read the news and perused Now, with nothing to focus on, I find I can't stand just sitting, I wander into my music studio, which is also the office space where the dino computer resides. And wow... what a great lot of practicing I'm getting done!

I will be getting my computer fixed...I really do need it, and certain things are suffering, because I can't stand to just sit in the chair in front of the desktop. However, I am thinking I may wait just a little while before starting that process. I'm sort of enjoying the results of partially un-plugging. I feel like I want this time to last long enough that I have a chance to break old habits and make new ones. We all know how easy it is to lose hours of time to the internet, email, facebook, etc.

Less technology in my life has had a direct and measurable impact on how much practicing I'm doing...and I don't even have a smart phone. It's been very good for me as a player. I've been able to immerse my brain in things that matter rather than having urgent but ultimately not very important things cluttering my mind. I do have some blog post topics that I wish to address, but just for right now, every time I feel like I should go sit at the dinosaur and write them out, I end up grabbing my violin instead. :)

I'll be back in the wired world soon, but until then, I'm enjoying the change of pace. And Bach. And Kreutzer. And Mozart, and scales, and double-stop work. All of it.


Posted on February 6, 2014 at 7:11 PM
New battery time!
From Chibiabos Winnegan
Posted on February 6, 2014 at 7:12 PM
Sounds like it's time for a new battery.
From John Saunders
Posted on February 6, 2014 at 8:03 PM
Hey! Sometimes it just takes a good balance between the computer and your violin. Maybe even making up a schedule. I have sheet music on my computer now and can practice along with an orchestral performance. I can start, stop and slow down the tempo to learn difficult parts. So it just takes figuring out what's good for you. Happy practicing!
From Dottie Case
Posted on February 7, 2014 at 3:13 PM
Not the battery. Newish computer that is refusing to charge. Not the cord.
Posted on February 8, 2014 at 7:40 PM
It honestly sounds like the battery crapped out. At least I'm hoping it's that and not a bad solder joint or something else like that. Either way, I hate gremlins.

What sort of platform are you running?

From Dottie Case
Posted on February 9, 2014 at 7:33 PM
I'm running Windows 8. The reason I'm sure it's not the battery is that this happened 3 weeks ago with the original power cord. Thinking it was that, I ordered a new cord. Which worked perfectly well, for about a week. Then it stopped charging the computer too. Which tells me that it's very likely a connection inside, or else something in the computer is burning up the chargers. Regardless...back it goes soon.

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