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October 2008

Lesson on 29 September

Published: Oct. 16, 2008 at 3:36 PM
My teacher felt very philosophical today. I will share a few quotes from my teacher, which I found quite interesting...

* on scales: "think of what you want to create and then use your violin to play what is in your mind"

* " everyone hears differently and builds different pictures in their head. Its your job when you perform to create a pictue so clear that other people who are listening will build the same picture in their head. That is what makes a successful performer"

* " don't base your playing on feelings and emotions,you must be mathematical and completly scientific about it!"

* "The violin is a book. The music is the sentences. Now let me tell you something. If you read any have to be able to understand the language that the book is written in...otherwise it doesn't make sense. It is the same with music. You can't go around playing something if you do not have the fundamentals right. You need to have a good posture a good sound and a clean mind (aka. no emotions) to play something and understand it. Now. Read the book properly an dyou will find the knowledge in it."

* " Knowledge gives you security"

* my favoritest ever.." where are you fingers?? Unleash them! Unleash them on the bow!"

* continued from the really long quote.." The music is your letters. How you read it is how you will play it."

* " THINK!!! the more you think- the more your sound will open-without you even realising it"

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Lesson on 4 October

Published: Oct. 16, 2008 at 3:10 PM
I believe that the art of perfect practising has not yet been dicovered. How may different views on practising do you come across every day?
When my teacher recently told me to take the emotion out of playing scales, I thought he was crazy. How on earth can you put emotion into scales? How is that possible?
I thought about it long and hard after my lesson. Perhaps, he didn't mean "emotion" as in too much feeling...rather that scales are the pefect time when you don't have to concentrate on dynamics or articulation or incredibly difficult passages. They are there so you can concentrate on a good, clean sound, a perfect posture and to develop a better knowledge of your own violin.
So, with one simple phrase my teacher managed to change my entire outlook on scales.I now have a new found appreciation for it.

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