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Published: Jan. 5, 2008 at 5:22 AM
So in the last few weeks I straightened out the problem I had with the Suzuki perpetual motion piece and got the G major finger pattern wired in my head.

So we moved past that piece and went on to the first minuet in book 1. I like this one. At first I could play the little runs in it either very slowly and mechanically with decent intonation or with some musicality but horrendous intonation. No those things are starting to come together a bit and sound pretty good better.

It's fun how doing this enlarges your awareness, physically and aurally. I'm starting to really be able to hear when and how much I'm off (at least in Gmaj 1st position). I didn't realize that this skill could improve so...not easily I guess, but noticably. I thought you were either born with or without that skill. Maybe I can learn to sing now?

New Years Resolutions

Keep playing when the weather turns warm and I just want to be outside.

Find other people to play with.

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