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Entry No.1- Life after College as a Music Major

January 27, 2014 18:35

Entry No.1- Life after College as a Music Major

So if you are anything like me, you were very nervous and excited about finally earning your degree in music…. but didn't have a thought about what to do when you had to become an adult in the real world.

A little about me…

My name is Briana, I graduated in the Spring of 2012 with a bachelors in violin performance from the University of Texas at Austin with honors. Despite the fact that I had a great report card, this meant very little when entering the "real world."

After graduation I went to Italy for a chamber music festival with no worries about what I would do …I still don't know why I had zero plans about the future at this time. I guess I thought I would take a year off and apply for grad school to knock off some more free time with no responsibilities. But when I decided not to return to college, I was struck with the sudden responsibility that I would have to figure my own life out.

At the music school I learned nothing about finding work or gigs…I learned hardly anything practical. I remember a few of my teachers vaguely  hinting that I would have a rough road ahead..but not nearly enough. I did absolutely no preparation for any type of job lead after graduation. I must have been stupid.

So this is what happened…I moved home with my parents…sudden death..just kidding..

I honestly can say I couldn't have better parents who were so supportive no matter  what… but it still hurt having to come home.. I had no connections...I honestly didn't know what to do…I prayed and spent the majority of my time being as useful as I could under the circumstances..watching my niece and doing "womanly things"

But I had to find work…so I must have sent 10,000 emails to every type of school and organization..I tried to volunteer and give free lessons for charity…I volunteered for hospice to visit the dying..I learned a lot through the process...... how to market and how not market myself business-wise.

I will be sharing tips throughout this blog, please follow them. I promise they will work if you only have patience and NEVER GIVE UP. 

So let's start with TIP #1
Move home with your parents or with a friend after college for at least 6 months.

I know this sounds horrible, but moving home gives you the freedom and time needed to fill your private teaching studio and most important.. save money. Within 6 months of living at home I was able to save enough and get my own apartment. yeah ;)

The following blog will included more tips about how to find students, Keep posted. Thank you!

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Advice for Recent Music Major College Graduates

January 13, 2014 09:08

Hello Everyone!

My name is Briana Page. I am a 2012 graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a bachelors degree in violin performance. I perform with the Corpus Christi Symphony and teach over 50 students in the San Antonio Texas area.

I wish to share my journey. Through series of blog entries, I will chronicle how I went from zero students to over 50 in year. I wanted to create this blog to help newly graduated music majors (especially performance majors) who don't have a clue what to do after college to make a living in the music world.

Lastly, this blog is to teach you what 5 years of intensive practicing and performing at the music school didn't...HOW TO GET A JOB :)

Please enjoy as I add more entries on ways to get your foot in the door as they say. Thanks!

Topics Covered:
What to expect after graduation; How to find private students; How to run a music business; plus much more.

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