October 2010

Assorted Violin Silliness.

October 13, 2010 20:26

I am really not sure how to begin.  I am not technically a professional violinist.  I am an advanced violinist who occasionally gets paid to play something in public.  I am someone who labors over a musical phrase for weeks and loves to make a pretty noise.  I am someone who finds solace in scales and tortures myself with Sarasate.  I am no prodigy.  I am not sure what I am.  I know that at this point, I am stuck with a violin attached like an extension of my arm forever, because, after putting 18 years of my quarter century in, I have a bad habit.  I swear, the love of this instrument is like a drug for me.

  For the past few months, I had been preparing for a rather interesting gig.  I had worked hard.  Shifts, rhythmic variations, fine tuning vibrato.  The works.  And then, I made a fatal mistake.  I changed strings.  My violin and I had words.  It went something like this:

Violin:  I don't like these.

Me: I know, I'm sorry.  The ones you wanted were too expensive.

Violin: I don't -  Wait a minute. . .Is it fall??

Me: Uh. .. yes.  It is fall.

Violin: What happened to summer?

Me: um. . .Well. .. You're vintage. . .

Violin: You played me all summer long and didn't tell me that the seasons had changed???

Me: No offense, but you tend to be dramatic about humidity.  And lack of humidity.  And cold.  And hot.  And-

Violin. ..

Me: Don't you warp your bridge at me! 

A few days and a new bridge later, Violin had mellowed out a bit.  He did treat me to the full gamut of vintage violin string change trauma.

What about you, does your violin ever give you a 'tude?  Have you found that it is unique to playing a vintage instrument?

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