March 2009

Musicotherapist, a profession?

March 15, 2009 08:44


yesterday on a practice with a pianist that is always of a very good advice, we were talking about my futur plans...   She told me that musicotherapist was a very nice job for those who have a big affinity with music but not a world star talent...  (I qualify!)  A musical therapist is from what she told me, someone who works with disable people, old folks etc to divert or even (cure???) certain things etc  Yes, I believe we all need music (classical or other styles) at some point, that it can help us to pass hard periods, prevent criminality, suicide, give hope, develop new mental/motor skills etc etc  but can one really earn his/her life with this???  In these economical hard times, I am almost sure that they would cut off musicotherapists jobs before everyone else's job because it is considered quite superficial or non necessary compared to many other jobs...  Of course, I would be very happy, in my futur life to do volounteer work in hospitals and places where music can divert and help a little people because it is such an occasion for normal musicians to apply the real purpose of music but I am sceptic that it can really become my job!  (maybe part time but for a full-time?)  Studies cost much and I don't want to try again a risky path and return in something else after...   It's so difficult for me in sciences now that I want to enter in something at university being 100% conviced that it will work and that I will not have to spend the next 7-10 years of switching from one program to another! I am truly anxious to do more music and I want to go straight to the point!  I was thinking that I really should go in something like occupational therapist or nursing at university because it is more secure even if musicotherapist would be very cool as a job :)))) (nursing and occupational therapist requires sciences at college anyway here) and try to incorporate music if the situation is ok for this. Ex: music is a tool that many occupational therapists sometime use to cure certain things, a nurse can play music on the holiday season to the sick... etc

So do you know musicotherapists?  Is it a real job and do you think there will always be jobs for them? Just curious, as usual to see what you think about this!  Of course it seems great but I try to remain objective and... realistic (hate this word though!)

Have a nice day!   Thanks for any comment!


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