January 2009

The student or teacher you had the longest.

January 21, 2009 17:52


yesterday, I saw a program on a good conservatory here and among the comments, a teacher said that what he loved was to have students for a very long time and see their evolution. He said it was so rewarding.  He had a boy that had started doublebass with him at 7 and now, this student  was maybe 20 or more (by the look). 

I was wondering what was the student or teacher you have had the longest?  Do you often have a young children or adult that you keep for 13 - 15 years?  It must be funny to have almost been the "mom" or "dad" of a young student and learn to interact different as he or she grows up!  Since violin is a life long journey, some v.commers must have many similar stories to what this teacher was talking about.  A young teacher that starts a young kid could have the same pupil for 40 years... that's amazing, no?

Have a nice day,


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non consistent practices = quit?

January 20, 2009 17:48


first of all, I wish everyone a nice "Obama" day! I am really happy for the USA and the world!

I just wanted to comment a little on what a great cello teacher said (I took this sentence from Pauline's blog on adult students that is really good by the way if you haven't seen it!)

The cello teacher said:

Ms. Cullen says that a major reason that her adult beginners are early quitters is that they can not manage to practice consistently.

I know that consistent practice is what creates motivation and brings the student to a good level etc... But many persons just don't have the perfect life to play violin. It's sad but true.  Does having a "non suited for violin" life makes that one will quit the violin?  I know that my teacher told me that the students that were studying (college and university) in something else than music often quited because they lacked time.  I am now in this period of my life myself and I admit it is so frustrating to miss time and to play awfully on some weeks because of this but would I quit? NEVER! Yes, I get discuraged and even phoned my teacher this week to ask her if she thinks it worths it, talk about my worries concerning this situation, my fear of loosing it all forever and stop to make progress etc.  She told me that it was normal to have the impression to do very poor practices and playing when you are exhausted by your day at school and homework, to feel like if you were under drug effect when you play, thus to have a very bad violin "life" during this period of my life.  But, she is categorical on something, QUITTING IS NOT THE SOLUTION AND WILL ONLY MAKE THE PROBLEM WORST BECAUSE IT WILL BE 90% HARDER TO START OVER. I am too convinced of this even if it is terrible and maybe to painful for some persons to stand this "bad period" temporarly. 

I was just curious about knowing the opinion of violin teachers on this: what would you say to loaded people (with school or work) that are not able to practice well or much but who want to play more consistently when they will have more time?  Do you also think that it is better to maybe play awfully and miss time but to not stop even if it is psychologically difficult to see yourself playing like this?  Do you think that to stop completely will only worsen the problem?  Itzakh Perlman said it was like bicycle but I think the dammage is bigger if you are 10 without violin than bicycle when you start over! :)

Did your loaded students or workers all quited?  Please say no or I will be so discouraged! just kiding, tell the truth!

Have a nice day!


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