March 2010

My first violin lesson.

March 29, 2010 14:43

So first off let me say that my arms are sore!

I had my first violin lesson this morning, and well, my right bicep, and my left forearm are pretty sore. I can feel the difference in the muscles used to play now, even if it's a bit tender.

My teacher is very encouraging, and she seems thrilled that I pick up the things she mentions fairly quickly. I am even more motivated now, then I was before I started, and I have to say, I am extremely happy I called her.

I have a list of things that we practiced today in my lesson to practice in fifteen minute incruments throughout the week. And I paid for another four lessons ahead of time.

She said I was a natural at the movements, and she also said that she "really liked" the way Carmen sounds.

:) Here's to a good first lesson, and I hope there are MANY more to come.

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I have a teacher!

March 24, 2010 20:31

I just got home from my meeting with my teacher. (She's my teacher now!) Things went amazingly well, she didn't mind my endless chatter (I do that when I'm nervous or excited) and actually seemed like she enjoyed it. She seemed super enthusastic about adult students, and told me that she thought I would make a very motivated student.

She also told me Carmen sounded good. :-D And that I had an excellent bow hold, after she showed me what the correct bow hold was, of course!

She also let me hold my violin without the rest, and then put a shoulder rest on it to see which I prefer'd. I honestly am not sure which I would prefer to learn with/without. So she let me borrow one of her shoulder rests so I could decide before my first lesson.

We set up our first lesson, its going to be on Monday at 10am.

She also wants me to get the Suzuki Book 1, revised edition, if I can before Monday, she said if I didn't have it for my first lesson that it was okay.

I'm so excited and she seemed (almost) as excited as I did. I think it was infectious. She also told me that she would play a piece for me if I brought it in. (I told her I had a goal piece, but I wasn't sure of the name.)

Anyway, I'm very excited, if you couldn't tell from all of the exclamation points. :-) I have a teacher, and my first real lesson is Monday.


:-) :-) :-)

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My first meeting.

March 21, 2010 22:22

So after going crazy for a couple of weeks and deciding to buy a violin without having a teacher lined up, (and mind you I'm still absolutely in love with the violin.) I've finally set up a meeting with the top choice of potential teachers. We're meeting on Wednesday (March 21st) to see if we get along, and so I can ask any questions, and she can see my violin. And perhaps start a nice relationship.


I'm so excited, my husband tells me that I can pay her for a month of lessons if we get along, so I can start my lessons in a couple of weeks. Now that we have our taxes money isn't an issue.

I also start college in a couple of weeks, and although I'm a little worried about my time, I'm too excited to learn the violin to sacrafice waiting any longer. I've decided that if it takes extra work, and less sleep, it's definatly worth it to me.

Here's hoping my meeting goes well, and also the picture of my violin from before, incase whoever reads this hasn't seen her. (Her name is Carmen, by the way.)


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