April 2006


April 30, 2006 07:24


Colleen Russo has her sweet sixteen today!
And I turned 14!

Also it is Kirsten Dunst's birthday.
Also Mr. Preucil's.


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April 22, 2006 18:49

Today I got a haircut! Well not really a haircut. I got it "shaped", and more layers. The hairdresser I go to is really great. He and I gossiped about celebrities while he was doing my hair, haha. Tomorrow is a big day, I have a lesson in the morning, and then Seraphina, my quartet, is playing at our music school's Gala concert. Well, we're not really playing in it, we're playing background music beforehand. But we're getting paid so that will be fun. We're playing usual gig music, plus things like the first mvt of the American. Then, on Sunday, I have a lesson up in New York! My Juilliard Prep audition is coming up, and I'm probably going to play the third movement of Bruch. Then, I have to play the whole Bruch again with an orchestra on May 16th. Then we do Fiddler on the Roof on May 19th, which is coming along well. We blocked Matchmaker today, which is about the most fun scene in the whole play.

EDIT: Just got back from the Gala concert. It was great! But playing for an hour and a half straight in an overheated building is easier said than done. We made it, however, and our wonderful coach bought us roses. We were going to go out for ice cream after, but the other half of the quartet had a previous engagement. (Did I ever mention that this quartet is made up of four sisters? Me and my sister Madeline, and Genevieve and Sabrina, twins.)

Had a lesson this morning. My teacher said my Bruch is even better, it's "like a rock", haha. And that the tenths are solid (YESS!)

bed time... --alice

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high school! eek!

April 8, 2006 17:07

So I had narrowed down my choices for high school to two candidates; homeschooling or one of the public magnet high schools in my area, Central. It's one of the oldest in the country, and it's huge. So I shadowed there (followed around a freshman to all of their classes for a day, to get the feel of the school), and when I got home that day, I got my letter from the Philadelphia School District, saying what schools I had gotten into. I already knew I was into Central, and another school which we had already talked with about my schedule (FTT traveling) and they said it wouldn't work, and they didn't want me to come there if I couldn't come to school all the time. But then, to my total surprise, I got into Masterman, a small, public magnet school. It's very selective and is the highest-ranked secondary school in the state of PA. They have a middle school too, and it's bigger than the high school, and a lot of the middle school kids try to go, so they hardly accept anyone from outside. The ninth grade class is only 100 kids, compared to 200 in the eighth grade. So you can imagine my surprise when I found out I got in. Now, here are the pro's and con's of both: at Central, I would be with my friends from middle school. However, it is so big that my chance of seeing them would be pretty slim. At Masterman, I would get more individual attention. I would also be the only new person coming to the school, and all the other kids would have been together all through middle school. We talked to the principal at Central, and he said they could make exceptions (i.e., I could come in late on Thursdays, so I could have a violin lesson in the morning.) And at Masterman I'm not sure I could do that. And the worst part is I have two days to make my decision!! Ahh!!!!!

Last Tuesday we saw Wicked!!!!! At the Academy of Music here in Philadelphia. I saw it with my sister, her boyfriend, my other sister, and one of our friends. It was so much fun! I saw it in New York last year, and this time it was different people, but it was just as great. Wicked is definitely one of my all-time favorite musicals. Has anyone seen it?


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