June 2005

June 18, 2005 08:32

We're loading up the car to go to Encore! Be back in six weeks! :-)


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June 13, 2005 09:21

I finally got to see Leila Josefowicz in concert! My mom and I went to see her play Mendelssohn. On the whole it was pretty good--my class went to Dorney park earlier that day and I was sporting a sunburn--but I'm glad we went. We'd never heard her before and I was curious to see her in person, because a couple people have told me I look like her!

Her playing was fantastic, of course, but she was making a lot of funny facial expressions that were rather distracting. She would grimace, then raise her eyebrows and make her mouth into a little o, then look incredibly sad and passionate. These were okay by themselves, but she went through a bunch of them in two measures! My mom said that it was like watching a sped up cloud chart on the weather channel. I hadn't heard the Mendelssohn in a while though, and I really enjoyed it. She was also wearing a really cool dress, so she got points for that.

I got a call from the director of my music school saying I had gotten the scholarship I auditioned for! (I already had it for the orchestra, but I wanted to be in a chamber group so I had to audition again.) And not just any chamber group, but the one I really wanted, a contemporary music one (violin, cello, piano, clarinet). So that turned out well and I will have something to do next year!

So it's final, in the middle of Encore, for a few days me and my mom are going to IRELAND! YES! We're representing the film (the documentary I was in) in the Galway Film Festival. (The director was supposed to go but he's afraid of flying.) But besides the festival we're going site seeing and stuff...I'M SO EXCITED! It'll be the second time I've been out of the country--well, third if you count Canada. YIPEE!

One small other bit of news: I heard that my movie is going to be in the Lincoln Plaza theater across from Lincoln Center in NY starting July 8. I won't be at the opening, though, because I will be in Ireland.

Encore is drawing closer...*bites nails*

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June 2, 2005 19:53

Annie is over! I guess I'm a bit relieved and it's a little less stressful, but I'm missing it already. The two performances were on Friday, a morning one for the students and a night one for parents and whoever. We were supposed to have a dress rehearsal on Thursday, but due to the un-organization of the teachers and the kids, it was more like a blocking go-through. So the morning performance was our first run through...and it wasn't the best. The Easy Street dance was not rehearsed as much as it could have been--but whatever. We were getting ready for the night performance. "Little Girls" was pretty good, or would have been if it weren't for "Ms. Incompatoo", a parent who allegedly has a degree in piano, but is rather awful and will do things like stop playing in the middle of a piece for three measures and come in in the wrong key. It really made us mad because it looked like the singers were screwing up. Oh well.... The night performance was very good, and we nailed Easy Street. Less lines were forgotten and it was better overall.
Tomorrow my mom and I are going up to Delaware again to get a second bow for Encore, which will be very nice. Not a real expensive one or anything, but ever since I gave my old carbon fiber one to my sister, my mom has been a bit anxious that something tragic will happen and I'll be bowless. Encore is getting near—only a little more than two weeks! I'm terrified, but I'm really excited too. And a bit overwhelmed because, not only do I need to have all this stuff prepared to work on at Encore, but I also need to learn the viola clef for Kinhaven, one week after Encore ends! That I'm nervous about; it's really hard to switch back and forth. I think, "Okay, that looks like a B in treble, so is it one above or below? It's one above so I play a C...but is it called a C or a B? And which does it sound like, or would it sound like in treble?" AAAHH! I would much appreciate the advice of anyone who plays violin and viola who could give me tips about how to do this!
I woke up this morning feeling very sick, achey neck, shoulders, headache, etc. So, even though I have an audition tomorrow, we decided I didn't really need the lesson since I feel pretty confident about Zigeunerweisen. I got to sleep and practice today instead.
The school year is coming to a close. We are so spoiled; we get three end-of-the-year trips (usually) and a picnic on the last day. The first trip already happened, it was a camping trip at a place called French Creek, and one of the teachers who's retiring this year got us all nice and freaked out with a Ouija board. The other two trips are to Dorney Park (an amusement/water park) and to Ocean City, the same place where I've played with the O.C. Pops the last three years. I'm looking forward to these very much, especially since I couldn't go on two of them last year! To spend time with my friends before not seeing them for several months will be nice. I can't believe next year I'll be in 8th grade. Before the 8th graders seemed so big and scary! Heh. Well I'd better catch some ZzZzZ's...


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