March 2010

My friend thinks I'm nuts, but wants to try it...

March 21, 2010 17:07

My friend from high school orchestra, my partner in violin crime at the time came over to my house to hear me playing Wieniawski's Les Arpeges he thinks I'm nuts, but he wants to play it and wants me to try and teach him! I'm trying to figure out if that's even a good idea. I'd honestly recommend he work on his sevcik first, but I don't want to make him feel like he's inadequate. Maybe get him to play some Paganini first??? He's got the mindset of Paganini (devil may care) but the playing style of Kreisler (melodically inclined) What should I do?

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I want a lessons teacher

March 13, 2010 17:36

I need to find a Teacher in the Denton area. I'm feeling incredibly deficient in my bowing lately. Working by myself I just don't feel like it's the best it could be. I also think It may mean I just need a new bow. They're going to have be relatively cheap, because I'm scraped for cash right now. Almost like a college professor or maybe a graduate student, but the last time I worked with a graduate student that turned out pretty counter-productive.  I ended up teaching them instead. This is going to be a challenge.

Wanted: Advanced student seeks teacher of even more advanced status. Currently playing Lipinski Concerto Militaire. Previous pieces include,but not limited to: Vieuxtemps Violin concerto no.2,4 and 5, Wieniawski Concertos, Legende, Polanaise in D, Meditation de Thais, Ernst Elegie. Paganini and Dont caprices. Interested in moving to the standard repertoire.

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The difference is in the Hertz

March 11, 2010 12:59

Today I was doing some sight reading and playing along with recordings. I was playing Locatelli Concerto in A. It's so virtuosic in the Vivaldian sense, except that when I played I was too sharp. Eventually I deduced that the orchestra and soloist weren't tuned to the standard tuning, it sounded more like 435 That's a radical difference for me to actually hear it. It's not by much (5 hertz) but wow, my hearing is not as bad as I thought. It was a nasty thing trying to tune my violin lower, I had to really listen.

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Lipinski... STILL?!?!?

March 9, 2010 15:12

I guess It's been about a month since I've started Lipinski. I'm now reading the piano score instead of the violin part. This is something I always do because I like to know where I belong with the orchestra, usually if the orchestra score is around I'll read through that a few million times or at least it seems that way. I like to know what everybody is doing, and it helps me figure out where I can put my own personal touches. (Rubato) I'm still on the first movement. I think I'm making good timing, the first movement is where the real meat is. I'm starting to notice that what this piece lacks in melodic expression comes out through the cantible singing style of the whole piece. It's completely technical in a standard sense, but it's pretty to listen to. I haven't found any recordings of this piece though besides the one on Youtube. I'd love to hear someone else play it. Unfortunately that's what happens when you play a rarely played piece.

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