May 2007

Flamenco and the Symphonie Espagnol

May 16, 2007 08:51

Our last orchestra concert of the year on Sunday was a great way to finish out the season; three solo performances, chamber music, the last movement of Dvorak's 9th, A Pirates of the Carribean Medley, and Copland's Hoedown ended our year with a bang! As soon as I get a recording of our quartet playing, I'll post it. We sounded very good despite countless program changes and cancelled rehearsals. On top of it all, I get to brag about my boyfriend, Sam, who won the first ever Joyce Anne Vitelli Scholarship- that comes with $10,000 in scholarships! Now about an eighth of his tuition for CIM is covered...:)

One of the soloists played the first movement of the Symphonie Espagnol, the same piece I'll be playing with the Naples Philharmonic in the fall. Those of you who are female will recognize the dilemma I had when the soloist was wearing a red dress...that absolutely means that I cannot wear a read dress, because that would violate the laws of formal attire creativity. But the Symphonie Espagnol is such a fiery piece that it *needs* a red dress. My dad had the solution; buy a flamenco dress.

At first I laughed, but then I started looking at these things...and not only are they conservatively modest and reasonably priced...they are pretty darn cool. I found one in particular that floats my boat:

I also found some awesome rose hair-combs and etc. that would look cool. Dad also suggested that I clink castanets and dance during my rests, but I think that would be going a bit too far. :)

I'm using the Symphonie Espagnol movement as a polished piece as I go teacher-visiting this year. So far I've scheduled lessons with Mr. Alex Kerr in Indiana and Mr. Yehonatan Berick in Michigan, and I'm currently making arrangements with Linda Cerone from Cleveland. Hopefully I can fit in a few more people as I travel the midwest, but, unfortunately the majority of them are out of town (out of the country, actually). I may try to get ahold of Mr. Cardenes at Carnegie-Mellon, but we'll see. In the meantime, it's practice, practice, practice, on the Lalo, Bach, and Paganini. I'm a little embarressed about my Bach; it's really rather atrocious, but perhaps the Paganini and Lalo, which, if I do say so myself, are coming along dandily, will make up for my lack of Baroque skills.

So, on Saturday, my mother, my sister, and myself are going to travel to all these colleges. Wish me luck in my wanderings!


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Last Day EVER of Chemistry!

May 7, 2007 08:55

Well, I guess I did a lot better than I thought I did at my last competition. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I tied for second place and was awarded $700. This frees my parents from having to pay anything for summer camp and allows me to keep an extra $200 myself. Yes!

Looks like I'll be travelling the U.S. in a few weeks to try out some teachers. As of now, only Indiana University and U of Michigan are looking as if they will happen this month, but perhaps I can try out a few more in teh coming school year.

And speaking of school, tonight is my Chemistry final and then I'll be done with school! With the exception of a Latin course gone horribly wrong and the remainder of an illogical logic course, that is. I took the Chemistry SATII on Saturday, and that went okay. I wish I could've taken the AP exam instead, since that's more word problems and less "Trivial Pursuit: Chemistry." But it would've been rather pointless anyways, since I'm already taking a college course and get college credits (if I pass the final, which I'm sure I will.)What really amused me were the kids that sat down on teh morning of the exam and decided which subject exam they were going to take based on what their peers were taking.

"Which one are you taking today? Then I'll take that one too."

One kid confessed to taking the American History SAT when he hadn't even taken an American History course.


So all in all, I'm in pretty good spirits, but I can't wait until tomorrow. NO MORE CHEMISTRY!!!!!!

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Stepping Stones

May 1, 2007 09:14

For those of you who have nothing better to do than read the mopings of a teenage girl in Florida, you probably read my last blog detailing my imminent failure at the local competition and how I failed miserably, etc.

I am pleased to say that I have won a top award from them.

My brother, who also competed, received his letter one day, and, as I expected, there was no letter for me in the mail. Half an hour later, our next-door-neighbor brought over a half-opened letter from the music club, with my name on it and the incorrect address 8463 rather than 8483 written on it. I was shocked to find that all three judges had given me all tens (one gave me one nine) on both of my pieces and asked me to play the Lalo that I had (in my mind) mangled at the winners' recital this Saturday. I won't know until then what I actually won, but I really don't care and I'm very pleased that, even on a bad day, I managed to play well enough to impress the judges.

Reading Kelsey's blog along with this little episode has reminded me not to let the little failures along the way deter one from pursuing ultimate goals. Things may look black, or even be black, but a few setbacks won't kill anybody. We, as musicians, will probably never enjoy a cushy, luxurious life, and we will always have to deal with disappointments and setbacks. The key is not to let those weight us down. When we put our best foot forward and stand tall to take the consequences, come what may, we are using our failures as stepping stones to success.

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