April 2007

flunked competition

April 21, 2007 10:26

Why is my worst performance always at the most important competition of the year?
The Haydn was great but I totally butchered the Lalo. Part of it had to do with the fact that this little old lady walked in twice while I was performing.
*opens door right in front of me while I'm playing*
*SCREEEEECH! shuffleshuffleshuffle*
*sits in chair*
*Gets out of chair*
*door closes*

SO distracting.

But I haven't played the Lalo that badly in months.
The beginning was pathetic, then I got going and the first page was pretty good, and then my fingers failed me on the bottom of the second page...I just completely lost it! I managed to get back on track, but by the time I was back in my groove, they were stopping me and telling me that they had heard enough.
I was supposed to get 10 minutes, but they didn't even let me play that long. Must've been REALLY bad.

Oh well.
Life moves on and all that.
But it really sucks, because I worked SO hard.
I'm going to sulk today and then practice for orchestra/quartet concerts tomorrow.

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Responses to Comments and Other Things

April 18, 2007 06:29

What you say is true; it's the next four years of *my* life and not my teacher's. However, he knows my style and how I function almost as well as I do. He knows what teachers would work for me. The reason he didn't reccomend many of the teachers at CIM is not because I wouldn't do well with them but because, being great performers, they are never around and I'd end up getting only a few lessons with them. While this would be great for grad school, undergrads really need someone to have at least a lesson a week with them. I totally trust Mr. Neal's judgement. And of course, *I'm* the one who, inevitably, gets to pick the teachers. He's just the one who reccomends people he thinks I'd do well under and makes connexions for me. My teacher is actually from Yale and doesn't reccomend the Ivy Leagues since you have to focus so much more on academics. I'll definately visit the schools he's suggested and that I think I'd like over the summer and I'm sure I'll find a teacher and school that will work for me.

But I *did* get into Brevard...it was Encore I flunked out of...Actually, now that I'm older, I shouldn't have the bug-infested cabins at Brevard! Snooty-kid-wise, I'm sure you get that no matter where you go. But I got a good hunk of financial aid, and music-wise, I really loved the orchestra and conductor. My main concern with it this year was that I wouldn't have enough time for solo work. I'll get music theory here too, as well as good private lessons. As a bonus, I'll probably get to work with Nurse Rhonda again...I did work study with her at the infirmary last year and learned *SOOOO* much about keeping fit and healthy as a musician. Not to mention I got super good at scrubbing out garbage cans, doing inventory, and asissting blood-drenched individuals. Believe it or not, I learned just as much there as I did in the classroom!

I lost my zip-drive (the one with hours of assignments on) and had to redo a massive history assignment last night. I can't wait until enxt year, when our history assignments are all multiple-choice American government questions...you would not BELIEVE how many people at Seton drop out when they hit junior-year American History. It's a living nightmare. Quick! Give the significance of Sanford B. Dole and the dates that go with him!

There was an AWESOME Law and Order on last night. Anyone who didn't see it missed out on a lot. So many plot twists, I thought the TV set was going to explode. They didn't even find the missing kid until two minutes before the end of the show. That totally made my day. :)

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The Junior Nightmare

April 14, 2007 15:00

Everyone has to go through with it sooner or later:
College Prep.

First, you have to work to death for four years...4 years math, 4 years science, 4 years English, 4 years Theology, 3 years Social Studies...AND take as many AP/Dual-enrolled courses as possible AND get straight A's. Not to mention community service hours and after-school activities.

Second, you have to spend hours and days and months preparing for standardized testing so you can PROVE that you worked your butt off in highschool. Then you have to actually take them.

Then you have to find colleges you like, get into one, and you're set.

Unfortunately, all three things happen simultaneously during junior year. Along with seven million other headaches (for the student, parents, and teachers)

So far, my teacher and I have come up with a list of teachers/places he thinks I would do very well at. We had originally talked about CIM and Oberlin, but after closer scrutiny, my teacher doesn't think any of the instructors would really work for me, with the exceptions of possibly Updegraff and someone else I've forgotten. Now, we're more leaning towards some people at Indiana U and U of Michigan. He's made some connexions for me, and is going to contact some more people before I start setting up lessons.

I wasn't accepted into Encore this year, which surprised Mr. Neal greatly. He attributes it to not "connecting" with anyone personally and also because, apparently, they're accepting less highschoolers and more college students. So I'll be going back to Brevard this summer, after a college tour across the midwest.

SAT's are coming up SO fast! I have the Chemistry exam in May and the "real" one in June...Chemistry is going to be a lot harder than I thought, and the normal SAT looks as if it will be a nightmare as well. But I made the top three percentile on the PSAT, so hopefully, with some studying, I can get even higher scores.

To take a break from it all, I'm going to a concert tonight featuring a Brahms piano concerto, Bernstein's Chichester Psalms, and Strauss' Die Rosenkavalier (I'm sure i spelt that wrong). Should be lovely.


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