May 2006

May 29, 2006 09:30

'llo all my friendly peeps!
This week, my class (i.e. me) selebrated the momentous occasion of the completion of tenth grade! Well, except for a teensy weensy bit of lab work *coughsevenhourscough* and sending in everything. But all the tests are done!

I've started on the Viotti and, as usual, am liking it more and more as I play it. I have a lesson today so I'm anxious to see what Mr. Neal thinks of my progress. I think I've done very well for a week, but he's not easily impressed so...
The double stops in that concerto are purely evil, though. Yikes.

I'm sorry to say I've been abandoning my piano accomplishments as I bask in my new-found freedom from school, but I'll work on that a little later. I've just been sitting around, enjoying not having to do anything, working on my crochet, and beading new jewelry. I have also become thoroughly disgusted with the NPR station down here. Nothing but baroqu, baroque, baroque! They've also perverted the romantic hour by infiltrating it with soppy poetry read over the music. I mean, honestly, when there's Beethoven piano sonatas in the backround, who wants to listen to Henry David Thoreau?! The "straw that broke the camel's back" was when they failed to broadcast Saturday afternoon's opera from the Met. Oh, that just infuriated me! I never have time to sit all Saturday and listen to an entire opera, so the one day I do, they don't broadcast for some stupid reason.

I'm thinking of starting up my culinary time again-I used to cook dinner once a week- but we'll see. The downside is that I have to clean all the dishes up alone if I cook. Because I have a tendency to create lots and lots of dirty dishes. How we functioned for six years without a dishwasher,I'll never know.

I have to run and clean up some dissecting stuff now. I left a decapitated crayfish in my bedroom and I should probably dispose of it before someone else melts some butter and...


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End the perverted thread

May 25, 2006 05:43

Hello all!
My last post had a thread that was beginning to get...perverted. Too many rabid teenage females on this site, I'm afraid. ;-) And yes, Linda, that sculpture is a ton of French Horns that have been sliced in half and recoiled about each other.

The local newspaper wrote a review about our performances:
This review is a big improvement from last year, where the reporter was more fascinated with the kid in front of her than my performance. I'm still not very happy, but I think it's a rule of thumb: never like critics.

Today, I will hopefully take my history final. My last final of tenth grade. All I'll have left after that are two math tests and some laboratory work for Biology, both of which are easily accomplished compared to our monstrous history exams that take all freakin' day. I hate history.

I've been getting all my camp stuff ready. My parents keep putting off filling out the forms, and it's driving me crazy. I don't want to keep whining, but honestly, they never get those things done! All year, I've had to whine and b to get them to grade my school papers, fill out forms, etc. I'm sick of it! If only I could od it all myself. ):-(

I started working on the Viotti too. I don't think the concerto itself is as hard as the Kabalevsky was. The cadenzas are definately going to be a challenge though. Although I don't like it as much as the Kabalevsky, I do like it a lot, and, as I usually find, I'm liking it more and more as I continue to play it. I also think I'm doing a pretty good job, grasping the style. I've never performed a classical concerto, so it's something new for me. It's a nice break from the romantic period though, before I break into the Symphonie Espagnol in the autumn. Also for the summer, I have the Kreutzer Sonata to work on, since I told a friend I would take on the first movement. Ah yes, it will be a busy summer. But fun. :-)


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Successful Performance of the Kabalevsky, Successful Orchestra Concert, and Successful lesson!

May 22, 2006 13:48

Holy toledo, what a week!
I don't even know where to begin...everything's been absolutely crazy...


Well. Saturday was the big concert with the Naples Philharmonic Orchestra. I was feeling pretty nervous before hand, but you know, once you start playing, it just gets better instantly. I was pretty happy with what I did, although, after listening to the recording, I can hear all sorts of room for improvement. But my teacher tells me that I get more self-critical with each concert because my ear is developing. So after I played, the stage people let me run up to the box seats so I could listen to and watch Sam play. He sounded just splendid, as always. Afterwards, we drove back to the clubhouse, where our parents threw a smashing reception.

On Sunday, the two of us had another concert at the Phil with the youth orchestra. Again, Sam and I had solos, albeit minor ones compared to what we played Saturday, and the sounded pretty darn good. It was Ms. Otranto's last concert with us, so it was a rather sad night (at least for me). She's really worked so hard with the Youth Orchestra and fought so hard for all sorts of things for us, like the concerto competition and chair challenges...frankly, if it hadn't been for her, I probably wouldn't have become concertmistress or ever played as a soloist. So, at the end of the concert, with Chelsea sobbing across from me, and Ms. Otranto starting to cry, I was getting pretty sniffley myself.

Today, I had my "post-mortem" lesson with Mr. Neal, and he gave me my new repetoire for the summer. Basically, over the summer I'll work on Viotti's Concerto No. 22 (which is ridiculously difficult and sounds like a breeze...I hate when that happens) and some Bach partitas. Then, during the school year, I'll probably keep working on the Viotti and Bach, add Lalo's Symphonie Espagnol (for the concerto competition), and begin *drum roll* some Paganini Caprices. I certainly will be busy next year!

I think that about sums everything up. I'm going to (try to)post one picture (my favorite) from the concert on Saturday.
Take care all!


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