February 2006

A gig a night

February 25, 2006 08:39

*curls up and dies*

Well, no, but that's almost what I feel like.
In the past week I have had nearly a gig every night.
Last Friday, I had a practice with an accompanist and that ritzy gig. Which went really well. I made sure to eat a lot of salmon. I found it hilarious that they felt compelled to offer me merlot. Maybe I do look twenty like some people think...hm...

Saturday was practice/crunch time

Sunday- Orchestra open rehearsal. My poor solos...never will be the same...Rimsky turned in his grave.

Monday- Solo concert. The accompanist shall burn. No, sorry, that was mean. I was very unhappy though.

Tuesday- I think I had quintet..or something.

Wednesday- Lesson.

Thursday- Dress rehearsal/concert with quintet.

Friday- backround music for a gig

Today- practicing my tush off.

Tomorrow- gig at Ave.

Monday- End of Spring break.
No! NOT THAT!!!!


*curls up and dies*

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You're playing as a soloist for the governor. Tomorrow.

February 16, 2006 16:41

I am SO frazzled.
In my previous entry, I mentioned that I handed out a card to someone who asked if I was interested in playing for a dinner.
They never called me back.
They called my Dad's office and asked him if I was playing. He said he didn't know, and gave them my phone number.
They didn't call me.
Then they aked Sam (who's also playing) if I was playing. He didn't know and he gave them my number.
They didn't call me.
They emailed my Dad. Today. My name is all over their agenda. I'm playing and I never said yes.
He forwarded the email and I franticly called the guy in charge. He said to play one piece. Sam and I are the entertainment for the evening.
Some important people will be there.
A.k.a. Jeb Bush, governor of Florida.
Sound good?
The dinner's tomorrow evening.
At some ritzy club on the beach.
The agenda for the organizing people reads thusly:
Valet parking only.
6:20- arrival of President Healy
6:30 Mr. and Mrs. Healy greet guests on the terrace.

How did *I* get imvolved in this. Hm?
Hopefully they'll like Leibeslied as they're eating Mahi Mahi in Lobster Bisque. Seriously, that's the dinner.

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Still Busy But Happy Nonetheless

February 15, 2006 05:19

By popular request....behold my new profile pic!

Everything's still crazycrazycrazy.
Quintet practice went well...except our violist was missing (again). She's becoming increasingly irresponsible and frustrating. Sam doesn't get mad easily, but when he does...yeah. He was pacing *really* fast, so we all know he was really mad (Sam, if you happen to be reading this, that's why Lillian and Georgia and I started laughing at you. Lillian was whispering "Oooooh, he's getting mad. He's pacing faster. Heads are gonna rooooll!" and then you looked over at us...and it was late and we were tired.)

Sam was also very sweet yesterday and showed up at my door with a dozen red, white, and pink roses. They're so pretty! I feel special. Of course, my brothers (and Mom even) gave me a hard time about it but hey! At that point, I didn't care.

So I have a practice with an accompanist this afternoon. And a talk to go to at 4:30. And a history test *moan, groan, shiver*.

So I'm going to pop off.

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Why Sydney Hasn't Written and Why I haven't Written

February 10, 2006 13:00

I know. It's been a long time since I last blogged here.
Where to start....

First off, on behalf of Sydnet Menees, whom we all know and love, I would like to mention that she emailed me and informed me that, whilest she would like to blog here, she has no internet connection in her new home in Germany. Thus, she remains in our thoughts, but not on our screens.

Secondly, things here in Naples are crazy. Our quintet, the Presto Pensare Quintet, is performing at the Ave Maria Festival of the Arts on the 24th, sharing the stage with world-renowned Ilya Itin, pianist. People from all over the country are paying $100 a ticket (and $500 a pre-concert prelude ticket) to come see us, Itin, and the Ave Maria choir perform "Mostly Mozart" as tribute to the great 250 y.o. composer.

They then informed me that I will be wanted to play solo violin for a half hour at the cocktail party kicking off the event. No extra payment will be made here, ergo, I will not be practicing to my utmost. I will be playing old Suzuki minuets and Handel sonatas. Maybe Danny Boy if they're lucky.

Let's not forget I was appointed concertmistress and have to practice Borodin's 2nd and the concertmaster solos for R-K's Capriccio Espagnol. Family Concert coming up soon for that.

A lady detained me this morning and said the AMU Board of Directors (or something) spoke highly of me. Would I be available to perform one or two selections at the LaPlaya Club in Naples? Included would be food (and possibly pay) not to mention exposure to some of the deepest pockets in Florida. Could she call me later? Certainly, ma'am, here's my card. Call me at your convenience.

Of course, I'm playing at a solo concert on the 20th. My accompanist and I are pulling it together, slowly but steadily. Luckily, the Kabalevsky will do as a piece for the Concerto Competition, Scholarship Audition, and home recital.

THEN, there's summer camp applications. Brevard, Eastern Music Festival...recordings, money, funds, financial aid, paperwork...

Is anyone wondering why I haven't written in a while? I feel like a professional with all these crazy gigs. If only I were getting paid as a professional. *sulk* Gotta set some rates.

Okay. Just so that you all know I haven't fallen off the face of the earth...

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