January 2006


January 16, 2006 05:21


My Sunday started off pretty lame. The usual church, classes, etc. Then, I had a gig with my chamber ensemble, thereby missing an orchestra rehearsal. Despite the fact that when we got there to rehearse/set up percussion instruments/etc., all the doors on the inside were locked, delaying our rehearsal a 1/2 hour, my stand partner's asthma was making her nauseous, one of our four violas never showed, and our second viola (who plays first viola in the Telemann concerto for two violas they were performing) had her car break down across town, her cell phone die as she was trying to give directions to someone to pick her up, and finally arrived the piece before she was scheduled to perform. So, another girl and I spent most of our down time trying to cool down our first violist, who was totally flipping out/freaking out, being a nervous-nellie type person.
When I got home, I totally collapsed. That was when THE PHONE CALL came.
It was my friend Sam, who plays first clarinet in our orchestra.
"I hear we have a new concertmaster." He said
"YOU! They passed out the forms today and you tied with Alan."
I still can't believe it. I mean, I had NO idea they were going to...move....me......WOHOOOOO!
I'm thrilled, can you tell?

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January 14, 2006 11:43

I got to meet William Noll!
Very fun, lovely 5200 sq. ft. music salon in his home. Acoustics were to die for. And he said he like d me tone/intonation , style, and the fact that I listen closely to what I play, which he says is rare. I played Leibeslied. Not one of those showpieces where you can rub your technical skills in someone's face. All very subtle.
Just two weeks until competition. I'm planning to totally flunk. I wasn't planning on performing until early-March...
Later people!

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Skimpy practicing and packing

January 3, 2006 18:02

I only practiced about an hour today.
But you know what? I decided that since it's *vacation* and I'm sounding fairly good, I'm entitled to a few days without non-stop violin. And my fingertips are peeling, so....I'm tkaing a break.
The Kabalevsky is sounding pretty good. At this point, I need my teacher to point out spots/help me figure stuff out/etc. Only two days until we leave. :-)
I finished the rough drafts for my essays (WHOOOOOOOHOO!) so now all I'm waiting on is the final word of my proofreader before I send them in to THE ENEMY (may they be cursed). If I don't get an A I will be so peeved. I deserve an A just for doing the blasted thing over vacation in my mindset. Haha.
Other than that, not much going on. We're trying to figure out how to pack all of our Christmas presents in our suitcases. People seem to forget that *we have to take a plane back home* so they give us huge presents like big ol' candle sticks and plates and other breakable, heavy, large objects. I mostly got bath supplies and cash along with some CDs and small books. All easy to pack stuff, thank goodness.
Ah, the joys of vacation...

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January 1, 2006 21:54


After a kind of bumming New Years (in a nutshell, I wasn't invited anywhere, my brothers were invited somewhere, my parents were invited somewhere, and Natasha was...forgotten...), here I am once again.
I can't wait to get home. This whole vacation thing is just too long. I miss my routine, my life, you know? And right now, I'm just stuck with relatives doing...nothing. It sucks being the only one my age in the family. And the most conservative too.
But I go home on Thursday. And then I have a few days to recover. Before sophomority hits yet again. It's a never-ending circle of work ahead.

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