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June 2012

Woah is me... :(

June 21, 2012 18:59

What the most devastating news that someone have accidentally told you, unknowing of it magical effect of bruising you up and lunges you to the bottomless depth of endless practicing?

A month ago, on this day, May 20,2012, I come 2 hrs. early to my recital just to watch my most 'hateful enemy'. His playing skill is no match to mine, even if I only start a month earlier than him, but we equal out due to my mom and I argument that set me back an entire month. Nevertheless, a part of me still scream and imaginably clawing at someone whose playing Minuet 1 as I was playing Ave Maria by Schubert with dazzling vibrato and all. Don't forget we're both 5 months student here.(A little bragging there, but shut up and let me vent please)

This is why I hated him so much:

I take my lesson at Schmidt music, in that shop/school/ they have a beautiful 'Red Violin'. Oh yeah, I'm talking about that red violin in the movie make into a real life edition, only this time it's better.

1st: It got a beautifully flamed one piece back(unlike the movie)
2nd: Oh man, the artistically antiqued red varnish is to die for
3rd: It's $1340, not the best ,but definitely something I would buy in a heart beat if I've had the money then.

It's only an intermediate instrument, but it's enough for someone who take violin as a leisure matter like me. For Months, every time after lesson, I would walk into the displaying room and gaze at it beauty for a good 10 or 20 minutes or until my mom come to pick me up, secretly saying to myself that ' Annae (Pronounced Ah-Nah-eh)' would someday be mine. She was my ultimate drive for at least 45 min.or more practise/ce a day despite the crazy amount of homework I have since I'm in all Honour class and take Biology/Physic course that place me in a grade ahead of me.


Imagine my great shock when at 2 weeks before the spring recital, on May 10th, I arrived at my lesson at approximately 4:32 p.m., attend the lesson for about half way when my teacher randomly start talking about intermediate violin and brought up *in a snarling voice* Noah. The one and most hateful enemy in my life from that point on, I hated him worst that Jelsy from Connecticut who sweep away my grand prize at Gateway camp for designing a 'better' bridge than I did that can hold more weight, even if the difference is only TWO stigging pounds.

Noah, at that point, I haven't seen him in live yet, has upgraded his instrument despite of having only 5 months of playing. And guess which one out of those 27 instrument did he choose to upgraded to? Yup, he took away my one and beloved Annae. I swear, I can actually the river Styx thundered as I swore I will 'shown' him when the time come.
No, he couldn't take Paulo, another intermediate instrument with the gold varnish at $1200, he just have, and I mean, HAVE TO, take Annae and declare the war on me.

Since I am a good/nice/polite Asian Tiger Daughter, I smile nonchalantly and steer my beloved teacher back to the lesson, knowing that she didn't know my secret obsession. But inside? I was a raging b*+Ok, so didn't really cried, but my expression was close enough.

After that day, I practise for 2 hrs. on the piece every night, well into 1 A.M in the morning. In my mind hold only on goal, Kill-That-Noah(sonofabitch).

On May 20th, I stand idly at the far end of the stage, 2 hrs. early ahead of my time and watch each perfomer come and goes. I didn't even need to look at the program pamphlet to pick out Noah. And just as I thought, in that glossy suit and regal stuck-up look, he's a spoiled upperclass kid.

I'll rant more tomorrow, gotta go now, Library limit is up

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