April 2014

My Performance with Orchestra as a soloist

April 21, 2014 16:00

Hello there!
I finally decided to upload and share with you a part of my performance with a local amateur orchestra, Orchestra Accento, as a soloist.
It was a great joy for me to work with them and the conductor. The players were very supportive and warm heartedly. I was very moved, as a member of the orchestra rescheduled an operation (of himself) just to be part of the concert.
About my feelings: I was a little nervous, mainly because of the accoustic setting in the big room/hall, wich I am not too accoustomed with, especially with a fairly large audience.
The Meditation requires in this arrangement a harp in the orchestra. I was glad that a friend from University was helping out! It was such a pleasure to play with this wonderful instrument in good hands. In the concert it was only the second time we played it with harp, because the harp-player was ill the first rehearsal we made out. But she came very well prepared, so it was not a problem but a pleasure to have here enter the orchestra.

I played some parts along with the first violins, my bowings were different though, what do you think?
If you want to see more of this concert, maybe I'll upload some more parts, but I added some unintentional blue-notes here and there, but if you like, I can show you the Bach encore in another video.
After the concert I was sad, that the program wasn't played in a second and third concert, that was because the organisation of the orchestra unfortunately not managed to make a second concert happen (it was actually the plan to make 2 concerts). It would have been so nice to refine some places and to have a second opportunity to play.
But a month later I was asked by the orchestra if I want to play with them and a cellist the arie "erbarme dich" (have mercy) from the J.S. Bachs Matthaeus Passion in an arrangement for Cello and Violin in the next concert.
I am happy to have that opportunity coming and the piece was chosen by the cellist, but is one of my most loved piecec of music!
After all: Please leave a note about if you like the concert. Tell me your opinion, because it really helps me learning!
You can listen to the arrangement of the "Erbarme dich" Arie from Bach here:

By the way: I am sorry for my bad english! Sometimes its confused, I beg you pardon!

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