October 2013

Two to go! Next piece of my friday performance preparation

October 27, 2013 18:00

Finally I got some of it. I recorded the Zigeunerweisen (Gypsy airs) first movement.
I wasn't at first pleased with my performance and the way it sounded, so I took the challenge to harmonize it. I used Cubase and the setup you can see in the picture at the beginning of the video to record and arrange the piano part to my playing. It worked out better than I thought but was also quite stressful since I am not a good pianist and there was a significant delay from my midi-usb-keyboard to the recording device.
As always I am open for Ideas and critiques. Still I got some time left to change and practice until my performance with orchestra on friday.
The Audio/Video is recorded in two takes (Intro and largo seperate) The Video and Violin-audio existed before the piano part, so I had to rush the intro of the largo to fit the video... at least its not boring this way...
I am sorry for the faces I pull off, they are really unintentional and I was a little tired at that point :)

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One of my few Solo-Concerts incoming

October 24, 2013 09:57

Hello fellow bowing people. Next week I have a concert, where I play a small solo program with orchestra. Including Massenets Meditation and Sarasates Zigeunerweisen. Therefore I made a small trailer, wich just features the Meditation. If you like, you can watch it. And no, I am not proud of my chaotic room, but I have only this one ;)

To be frank I added a little reverb to the audio.
For me playing solo isn't a routine and I am always open to critizism, so please tell me if there is something you don't like. Later this day I will have a rehearsal with orchestra, there I will try to catch some Sarasate too :) cheers

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