August 2005

August 29, 2005 17:34

Ahh the return of football season and monday night football and with football comes my famous chausson chili, I like my chili with beef beans and potatoes and of course no chili can be eaten without a cold beer... I also recently got a 1 cent check, should i cash it?

Hey I just found out the Michael Rabin 6 cd set was just reissued, most of you know he was my favorite violinist - the virtuosity of heifetz and the lush singing tone of oistrakh. Im telling you now - run - dont walk to the store and get this now. For those of you interested, please feel free to visit my Rabin club I started about 5 years ago. Make sure to check out the phtos sections, many interesting photos there and not just of Mr Rabin...

Wedensday I will be performing at the shelter in Schiller Park located in in German Village with my friend Ron. I usually study jazz piano with ron but he wants to go out to the park and make some noise, so it will be just me with my nylon stringed acoustic guitar and him with his selmer tenor saxophone. I have always admired they way saxophone players are able to freely improvise - and playing with ron Im learning alot. I always look forward to going to ron's house. German Village is a gorgeous suburb near downtown with a real old fationed charm: brick streets and some real vintage buildings reminicent of old time germany. Every time I pass the stained glass factory on the way I remember going there as a child with all the interesting colored glass mosaics displaying in the front window have always been a delight to see. So if anyone happens to be in german village wednesday morning, you may see me playing jazz guitar with a saxophone blaring. Ive always loved violin piano and guitar but ive always loved thet tone of the saxophone. Most of you alreay know from reading my past blog entries that ron graduated from The Berklee School of Music and he is very knowledgeable about playing jazz. It is always exciting and fun to be playing with someone else you can learn from.

Recently I was watching one of my favorite tv shows called house. It is a story about a doctor that is arrogant but is really good at his job and saves lives when it becomes a life or death situation. Anyways the last episode was a woman who already had 2 miscarriages trying to give birth and died giving birth the third time. It hit me how fragile life is and what a miracle it is to be alive. Then this week everyone is talking about the hurrican in New Orleans and I started to think about the hundreds of thousands that dien in the tsunami disaster. I also started to think about the war and I cant help but to think of how thankful I am for what i have. I just wanted to say that. Despite all that went wrong with my career Im really thakful just to be here. Enough words for now.

scott (muggle violinist)
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August 5, 2005 14:54

Ive been practing my vibrato alot lately, Ive really been rethinking everything all over again when I stumbled on an essay written by Steve Redrobe discussing an analysis of erick friedman's style. He said Erick mostly used hand or wrist vibrato mostly and that arm vibrato is basically unpredictable. Thats when everything started to really click for me. I dont have it down still but Im definately getting alot better at it and with a little more practice I think I can get it.

I finally finished memorizing the Bach g min adagio, not bad for someone who has been playing violin less than 3 years and no teacher. I think Ill do some of the Bach e maj sonata next. Regarding my return to Bach and the absence of jazz, Bach IS jazz if you consider all the accidentals, key changes, altered chords and everything else that he did.

New dvds > I want to thank member ole bull for offering the josefowitz/vieuxtemps 5 dvd and the shaham/sibelius dvd, really amazing performances there. I never thought I would ever see anyone play the Vieuxtemps and to see Shaham playing the Sibelius is so friggin intense I can barely stand it.

Whats the best song ive heard lately? acutally it was a ford commercial featuring words that mean nothing like la la la yeah yeah yeah

Regarding daisy duke, I think Shania Twain would have been a better choice: shes a better singer, has brown hair and more impartanly is alot cuter.

Enough for now, Im off to start on some of the bach e maj

scott (muggle violinist)
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