October 2004

October 26, 2004 11:27

Be careful for what you wish for...

After looking for over 2 years I finally found what I thought was a great job about 6 months ago that would earn me enough money so I wouldnt have to work 2 jobs and actually have time to practice violin. But the job turned into a nightmare, my boss was extremely verbally abusive and everyday I took my job home with me, hating my job and so disturbed that I could not even enjoy my music. I had to resign and was forced into a situation of working 2 jobs and 90 hr weeks.

So I havent been practicing much, when you get home at midnight and live in an apartment your neighbors dont want to hear bad violin practing. So mostly the practicing I have been doing is in my head: bowing strategies and where to put my fingers, etc

When I do actually have time and not too exausted to play I focus on my weaknesses: vibrato and spiccato. So for spicatto I have been playing parts of the first movement of Mozart 4 and the last movement of the Beethoven concerto. For vibrato I just play alot of scales, I seem to be improving but still a long way to go. I have also been wortking on Bach G min and the Chaconne more than anything else... growth is very slow but I love it so much I can never give up.

Lately, Ive been going out with friends and one place we go to has a blues jam every monday and Im thinking of taking my fiddle, should be fun...

Ive been craving a second violin, been looking at Cooper Violins, they look really gorgeous but I think I will just play alot at the local shop and just buy what sounds right and feels comfortable. (Funny, the violins I like best costs more than my car)

New cds/videos include:
Oliveira CD - Vivaldi's 4 seasons - mediochre
Oliveira CD - Brahms and Saint Saens 3 concertos - great playing but not the best sound
Oliveira CD - Brahms Sonatas - great playing but not the best sound
Znaider CD - Bravo - I liked the Wieniawski Polonaise alot, his tone is good but I think Repin is a much better soloist for my tastes
Milstein DVD - Mendelssohn and Tchaikovsky Concertos - totally awesome

So anyways now Im working in phone tech support and this chinese guy calls up and says "talk rouder" and I say "oh you want to buy a router?" and he says "no talk rouder I cant hear you". (my friends have been amused by this for weeks now and continue to repeat the joke over and over)

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