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Scott 68

December 30, 2003 at 4:10 PM



630 am. Random thought/analysis:

ok so blog = web + log

hmm maybe it should be:


or perhaps:

vlog = violin + log

or this:

vblog = violin web log, (but thats too much like vb aka visual basic, a programming langauge I use every day at my day job). Why do I have to analyze everything? Speaking of blogs, I think Im addicted to the one that zen slut writes even though I dont think she plays violin (thanks to Tracy for the link, that smug smile alone makes me break up in laughter). Im also really glad Tina butter is back.

Ok so it is the second to the last day of the year, whats for breakfast? I work in a pizza shop (at night) remember? The important thing to keep in mind is to eat the pizza with your right hand so you dont get grease on the strings!

Other than that, I have found a new practice space: the boss of my day job made a key so I now have 630 am practise sessions in bathroom at the office, the cermaics are wonderful for acoustics and there is a huge mirror so that I can watch my bowing and posture habits. I noticed today that the fingerboard is beginning to show signs of being broken in (I bought it new about a half year ago). It is such a blessing to have a place where no one can hear me play (no one is there at 630am) and I cant stand people hearing me practice, especially when Im out of tune and play things over and over. Perhaps now my neighbors will stop thinking of ways to poison me?

The more I play bach, the more I think about what Pablo Casals once said: the challange is to understand the meaning of every note, that somehow hits home with me as I can know the notes in my mind but when I go to play them, every single note seems to have a different purpose and function and it is amazing how something as simple as how long a note is played infulences how effetctve a phrase comes across, at least to my ears. Richter believed that classical musicians should not interpret music but rather it should be read as per the composer's intent, but Im really interested in making it sound the way I want and thats ok because Im not playing for anyone but myself. I suppose if I was determined to perform this music in public I would be obsessed with accuracy and would get hordes of second opinions and go severly broke in the process. When practicing, I have been thinking about the latest column Simon Fischer wrote in The Strad about playing with the arm and not the wrist, wow what a revelation as I noticed myself curling my wrist at the low end of the bow. I cant wait to get my hands on that book he wrote, Basics. Also read an interesting thread about bridges and baroque strings, maestronet is full of many knowledgeable people which I am greatful for.

Someone from amazon hit me up yesterday for some rare Kogan, I have no remorse for distributing rare and out of print materials whatsoever so if anyone out there is interested, send me a note (click on my name and look for the button at the bottom).

My friend Adam Smith's mother recently passed away. He is my age and the whole thing was so sad, between that and loosing my good friend Connie Sunday it really made me think of my mother and how Im so busy that I never see her. She was sick yesterday and it scared me so bad that I decided that every saturday from here on Ill spend with her and work on my web programming as well as watch new movies with her and cook for her, until 11pm when its time to go out. I called her and gave her the a lecture about how drinking orange juice and eating tomatoes everyday will stenghten your immune system and about how oatmeal can cut your cholesterol, I hope it does some good as she is on the atkins diet and has cut out carbs including veggies from her diet, while this is good and she has lost over 50 pounds, I reminded her the importance of veggies and grains and anything that is green and comes out of the ground.

Last night I had a dream about this girl from college who Ill never forget and who Ill never meet anyone as purely gorgeous, I dont mean purely physically but gorgeous but in a plain jane introverted modest kind of way, Im not into those flashy types. In the dream, she was talking to her husband on the phone and was getting upset then hung up and we comforted each other. I fealt so close to her back in college and when I woke up last night I had that same feeling. The reson I mention this is because this new girl I met, Jerry's niece, reminds me so much of her. I always told myself if I ever found someone like her Id do anything to be with her. We talked some before but I dont even know her name but I do know where to find her this saturday, I invited her to the new years party tomorrow but she mentioned something about her children and I reacted somehow with a fatial expression, I hope she doesnt think Im not turned off by children, I come from a single parent family myself and I always wanted to give what I never had, a father who is there to play with and help with homework and encourage dreams and talents. Ever heard the song (I hope Im at least half the man) he didnt have to be? I think the reason I became a workaholic is because that I couldnt have that girl from college, now that Ive found someone like her and maybe I will change my ways if things work out, who knows? Ive been this way 3 years or so, working 16 hour days, sometimes 20 hour days even. Ive been fortunate enough to share and be given advice from a good friend from amazon about relationships and how to proceed with properly courting a woman of distinction, for which I will always be greatful. So anyways last time I saw the mystery woman, we only exchanged a few words and left eachother smiling like a chesire cat, the feelings seemed to be mutual and chemistry seemed real. Real women love a mystery it seems, hense the need for only shaing a few words, and this after not saying anything for several weeks prior. This satuday, however will be different and I am planning on making an approach by offering free dinner at the pizza shop one night when Ill be working: its low stress since its a public meeting and besides I get a discount because I work there. If she show up Ill offer her my cooking skills at some future tims and place of her choice. Romance has a direct effect on the frequency and intensity of my practice sessions. We will see what happens.

Until next time, happy new year eveyone and may all your dreams come true.

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