December 2009

First Lesson With New Teacher

December 9, 2009 15:54

I realy enjoyed my visit with Dr. FadialI also enjoyed our conversation about violins and violinists!  I played for him and I was self conscience about impurities.... what I did not expect was his compliments!  He pointed out several things I do by nature that are right!  He said that if I wanted too, I could take the advanced class MUSC 2050 instead of MUSC 1250, but that I would have to perform before a jury and I may not would want that pressure just yet!  Can you believe?!?!  He commended me on my ear and that he knew when I tried to readjust and correct when I heard something wasn't quite right. And that my vibrato was well controlled and when to use more or less when emphasizing a note or to add color.  Good use of contact points, good bowing overall.  Oh, and when he saw that I was playing church songs from my church song book that have no bowing marks, he liked my judgment of what bowing too use!  when to tie, slurr, up bows, down bows, etc.!

     He is also a big fan of Oistrach & Milstine.
     What I am to work on is strengthen my ring & pinky fingers on my bow grip and to not lock the thumb on my bow hand.  And work on adjusting adding weight to the bow with wrist, arm and finger control.  I'm using too much muscle for short notes, From mid bow to tip I do very well, but from mid bow to frog and frog to mid bow I need better & consistent muscle control and discipline.  So I'll be working on these things and we'll go from there!  He is very helpful, and is helping me with any regestration snags.  I am looking forwards to this spring Semester!

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Zero Hour Nears

December 9, 2009 09:23

Today at 1:00 PM MST I will play a few songs for Dr. John Fadial at the University of Wyoming's Music building.  Since my car is in the shop, and it's a brisk five bellow zero I have made arangements with Public Transpertation.  I have also been struggling with a Sinus Infection, and so far as I go over the pieces I will play they sound just as crappy as I feel!

I have been debating if I should call him, leave a message asking to reschedual but really today up to Friday are my only chances.  So I will beg him to forgive me if I do not shake hands do to the infection and let us procede.

I keep thinking that inspite of the infection, did I peak, and am now heading on the down side?  Well, I must learn to be ready and Get My Game at any moment and trully for the past 2 years I have had only 3 months, one hour a week, formal lessons.  I will give it my best and go from there, besides, if I could do it alone I would not be standing myself before a teacher! ;)  And he just wants to know what he'll be working with and where to go.  This is for diagnostics.

The Sun is out, it's warming up, I am excited!  In spite of being sick, it realy is a Nice Day!



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I Am A Student Violinist Again!

December 1, 2009 08:37

I just received an email from a violin professor here at the University of Wyoming!  He wants to meet with me to see what I know and can play!  I will be signing up for MUSC 1250 for this Spring Semester, 2010!  I am also thankful to Stephen Brivati lending his expertise as well especially since I will only have 3 months of University class and nothing for the Summer.  What a blessing 2010 is turning out to be!

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