January 2008

Royce's Music Journal in the Key of 'V' !

January 16, 2008 12:26

16 Jan. 2008:

Good God Almighty, starting a journal is alot like drawing a circle... just start 'anywhere'! It's a journal, not a biography, at least not in the strictest since, so no need to fillet nor overly expose myself. Just stick to the task of all intents and purposes; document my musical progress along with some memoirs via the recomendations of members here at violinist dot com. So here it is, those of you who have recomended this waiting for me to begin formal training. My Journal.

15 Jan. 2008: "Meeting The Teachers"

What a week! I received an email from Dr. Pinell to meet him today at 3 pm. This morning I began some warm up exercises suggested too me from v.com members. I ran through a few songs in both books that I've been working out of and stopped when my left arm was straining and I began to rehearse mistakes! Plus I didn't want to peak and then begin that enigmatic down hill post peak phenomenon! But more importantly, the 'reality check', all he wants to know is should I be placed with a group that is starting at the very begining or advanced enough for individual one on one instruction & coaching?

I had made the decision to work on only those techniuqes and tools that I 'am' familiar with. As far as anything unfamiliar it would be best to just wait and allow Javier to introduce them to me, that way I'm well prepped but at the same time a fresh slate! However, the days culminating up to this interview were not going to be without a few challenges. The weekend before I awoke at night with a mean back ache! A consultation with my physician resulted in a prescription for an antibiotic for a Kidney infection. The following afternoon, as I was walking up to the steps of the Fine Arts bdlg., I stepped on a clump of Wyoming Hard water (ice) and sprained my left ankle! And it didn't end there. Climbing staircases with a sprained ankle and an angry kidney I was Hobble Along Cassidy by the time I reached Javier's office! I was fortunate enough to find a rehearsal room! I was not the only one to be playing before a professor, but every band, orchestra, choir, piano, dance, acting... student in Southeast Wyoming was there! And from the looks of it I was the only one out of several hundread Arts Students who was driving a motor vehicle in 1986! Hell I doubt if 3/4's were even "born" in 1986! I looked no different than the faculty, and was taken as such! Where ever I walked students came to a sort of 'attention' with all eyes on me until I finaly convenced some that I was a student no different than them! And surprisingly I wasn't treated as if I was some Geezer intruding into their circles. In the rehearsal room I checked my strings and was happy that they were in tune and reafirmed my warm up exercises and bowing again keeping it just under the point that my left arm would begin to feel like I was using free weights to press some 'French Curls'. One violin student in a cubicle was just incredible working on 5th position string crossings not missing a note. His vibrato in a multitude of presentations, and dynamics of every facet and he's playing here and not some conservatory like our v.commers who have or are about too like Blake, Jasmine, Brian, or Kimberlee!!!


I found Dr. Pinell's office, the door was closed and someone was running up and down scales way up on the finger board, and then I heard two violins. I didn't recognize the peice the two were rehearsing, but it was simply beautiful! Not perfect just yet but very, very impressive! Who ever the two are there was no denying that the violin was as vital too them as their own soul! 3 pm came soon enough. The door opened and a man and a woman warmly welcomed me. He was javier and she his wife and a fellow professor. At times when he has to be away she will substitute and vice versa. we got to know one another, and I was immidiately drawn too them both. Their warmth plus they just so happen to be the cutest couple that I have met so far! I was so, so nervous. They sat down and I turned to a song, checked my strings again, did a key check and began playing. It was 'NOT' the best that I have done with this particular song, a hymn "Go Forwards You Ministers". However, I 'did' get into the music, became it! Tried not to give away my mistakes through body language, smiled and had a royal ball! What came next shocked me to no end!

Both of them, their eyes wide, their countanance shinning like a light! They appeared to be honestly impressed! They had asked me before I played how long 'have' I played and I told them from age 10-20 and recently only 3 months that they were the first, other than friends and family, to hear me in 24 years! They both told me that I definitely will get one on one training and she asked me to concider something she and some students have on Monday afternoons at 3 pm where they watch DVDs of the pros and discuss techniques, etc. and even play before one another! I was in utter shock!!! We discussed next week, they want me to come prepeared with four scales and I asked one major and the three miners? They thought that was just great. At the moment I can't remember other complaments and commendations, I mean I was in shock... in a good way! I am looking forwards to this! And as I was driving back home the thought of me..playing and performing again came out as:

"He's Baaaaaaaaaack!"


What a week! I knew something must snag, with the new classes and all, and let me tell you, What a Snag!

I went online to drop the 30 minuet class and add the 1 hour class. "Account Blocked" What? My account was blocked because UW didn't have my current MMR! And So... Down to student health I go and inform them that I do not have my MMR records due to one word!..... Divorse! No sweat, have a titter drawn. i fingered scales on my violin as I waited for the Tech. Got it done! No checkbook and they don't take credit cards.... Rats! No problem, will put it on student account! Now! Get that class droped and the other added.... "You've Been Dropped From The MUSC 1250 class..Failure to pay! What? Go to registrar, see cashier. What? It's not the titter draw? What lab fees? go up stairs, see nice lady. Inform her that both Human Resources AND Admissions were posed with the questions, "Is their anything else Royce needs to do," "No Mr. Faina that's all!" "Do I need to submit a waiver of tuition since I'm staff?" No Mr. Faina, that's everything." Nice lady says, I need waiver, and pay $193.00. Could I pay $110.00? No! If I knew that I would have budget it and would haver paid it! I'm buying a new car I won't be able to pay anything until this coming March!

We talked about the situation and I finaly said, I can see if Javier and Naomi will teach MUSC 1250 this summer, or just register this coming Fall. That's when I started to cry. Real tears, real let down. She said that she believes me now and that what I told her is true and that the two departments messed up. She made the arrangement for me to submit a tuition waiver, and I can pay my fees in March!

Today is my first lesson with Javier.

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