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Rizky Ramadhan

Am i deserved to be called 'violinist'...?

August 10, 2009 at 6:12 AM

I don't know which someone could be called a violinist.. Is he/she a professional player? or just a someone who play a violin..? That question influencing my mind not to start this post with "hi! I'm a violinist from Indonesia" or such thing....

I'm now 19. I have been playing violin for 5 years. Instead of calling myself as a 'violinist', I dont know which word fits me the best, maybe 'a violin student' or just 'an amateur'. I started in 14 with a private teacher. Unfortunately, the lessons only last for a month. Several unpredictable reasons (sorry, the 'reasons' are kinda too private to be defined) forced me to stop taking the lessons. Then I decided to teach myself. 3 years later, I got another private teacher (I think God blessed me :) but he passed away after two weeks teaching me.... (I felt like i was cursed) I didnt look for another teacher because the same unpredictable reasons came to me again. So i continue teaching myself. I never stop practicing, i really wanna be a professional player (eventhough i realize that its definitely impossible, also referring to my age of starting.)

Actually I dont have any idea what i'm gonna do with my violin next. Of course if i really wanted to be a professional player, i should have attended a music school. But i also have another destination--to be a doctor. And i've just passed the exam to study in Faculty of Medicine.

I noticed that several people in my country, whom also dont attend music school or conservatory, play like the professional ways. I dont know how. I'm still figuring out... Well, Perhaps some of you would like to reply me something,

Thanks a lot

From Jasmine Reese
Posted on August 10, 2009 at 6:36 AM

Well, first of all, I think it is most definitely possible for you to become a professional musician!!  You just need to work hard, get a good teacher, and find a positive, yet honest support system.

By the way, I was on the same path you were on.  I think a lot of people fall into the trap of believing they must only go in the direction that the world offers.  But I say, create your own path.  Being a doctor is an amazing field in which music can be incorporated.  There is also Music Therapy. Be open minded and you will find that there are many opportunities for success which lie in the music world, not just being a soloist or whatever.  Create your own path...

Look at my bio and contact me about lessons.  I will set you up with a teacher who believes in late starters and their success!! 

From Jose Correia
Posted on August 10, 2009 at 2:51 PM
I kind of understand your situation, I have been playing the violin for a year and I also want to be a doctor. At first I was really scared. I had some crazy ideas like okay I will master the instrument in 2 years and I started looking for other careers because I thought I wouldnt be able to keep playing the violin. But during a rehearsal for my first recital my teachers mother was the pianist who was accompanying me and when we finished she told my mother "This is the proof that if you want something anyhing is possible" and then I realized that if I set my mind on my goals being a doctor and a great violin player I will reach them. I know it will be extremely hard but I wont give up and I hope you dont give up either the violin is such a beautiful instrument that you shouldnt stop playing unless it is not a match for you. So all I want to say is study hard and practice hard.
From Stephen Brivati
Posted on August 11, 2009 at 7:28 AM


whether or not you are a violinist is something you know in your heart. It has nothing to do with your actual level of ability.



From Bart Meijer
Posted on August 11, 2009 at 6:48 PM

Amen to that, Buri!

From ali rad
Posted on August 11, 2009 at 9:02 PM


I am real late violin starter because I am now studying electrical engineering and it was so hard to achieve and I do not have time to do my favor.I have been practicing violin when I was 20 and now I am 21 and I have finished "Le Vioin 1 and 2" and I have started wohlfhart and J.Herimaly too.

I play well and my teacher told me I can play some concertos now,just in one year and do you know why? because I love the sound of violin.I dont knowhow can I explain?

when I went to violin class for the first time my teacher told me something pretty.He said:" You have not think about anything else but this session and the things you're learning now and enjoy it.Enjoy!!!!"

Hey guy,If you wanna be a best in your job just close youre eyes to others and enjoy your job now and you'll succeed.

From Anne-Marie Proulx
Posted on August 14, 2009 at 4:44 AM

Gee that I agree with Buri!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But instead of the romantic heart version, I feel that you need to be a violinist mentally and physically. Also, you can be just one of the two (like me : (    If everyone was the two, we would all play in pro Symphonic Orchestras (because we could all materialize our thoughs perfectly)!!!

I am a violinist mentally, (weird things and teachers advice convinced me about this) but  physically, I do not deserve the term "violinist" at all (and teachers agree on this too...). I can hardly catch or through a ball in a straigh line... + I'm kind of too weak for violin (at least for the sound I like because my more talented head hears in every detail the sound I want and makes me really fussy about the one I produce and the way I produce it.) It creates a big big conflict. It's like matching a good teacher with a terrible terrible student. My head beeing the teacher and my body the student...


But if mentally you feel you are a violinist, feel the instrument, hear and know your sound, always have a concerto in the head, cannot live without your instrument, is kind of addict to it even when you tried to take a distance from it, voluntary practice when everyone would be doing something else like sleeping, partying whatever. I guess you have at least the mental of a real violinist (one that could be professionnal in another context or body I mean)

So sure, violinists take many form and each one has its definition! 

Sorry to just bring more confusion to this thread!


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