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Emily Liz

September 28, 2004 at 6:31 PM

I should be doing physics, so of course I'm writing in here instead.

I got my violin back a long while ago and the setup sounds marvellous. Nice clear response - delicious to play around with. Unfortunately not long afterward, my bowing wrist injury was resurrurected from the dead. Consequently, I've had to give up playing this past week. It scares me because I've had the injury for two years in February and it shows no signs of abating. It might lessen, it might worsen, it might be imperceptible at times, but it's always lurking and ready to rear its ugly head once again. Argh.

To make matters even more complicated, I don't have a teacher anymore, either, I don't think... I officially stopped taking from my original teacher who I've been taking from for five years, but my new one just got a teaching position at a local school for delinquent children (they didn't have a music program before she showed up, can you imagine?!), so she's much too busy to give lessons. That leaves me in the Accolay Bach-double stages, questioning my abilities and thinking about the future. Should I not take lessons for a while? Should I start over with a completely new teacher? Should I commute to Minneapolis to find somebody else? Should I try and audition for the local violin professor? Would he even be the best for me at this level? Would he expect too much of me? Would he understand I have other passions that are just as important and beautiful to me as music - things like writing, for one, and schoolwork, and theological studies, and philosophical studies, and historical studies, and travelling and socializing and all the other things that teenage girls do? Yes, well... Things I need to think about. New horizons are opening!

Symphony auditions slash rehearsals are tonight but I can't play for them, unfortunately. I'm planning on bringing my scores and a notebook and a pencil, though, and staunchly sitting in the rehearsal hall, watching the orchestra and taking notes and proving to everybody I'm in this seriously, darn it. I want to advance from co-principle to principle of the second violins - or even scoot up to firsts - but I fear that one of the requirements for principles is that they have to be able to play, and I guess if I have to go back a seat or two, "that's life" Frank Sinatra would say. "That's life, that's life, that's what all the people say, you're riding high in April, shot down in May..." Haha. It'll be fun though even if I can't play; Tuesday night symphony rehearsal is always a place of refuge.

Fancy that, lunch is ready now. I guess I'll have to let physics go until this afternoon...a pity, really... ;)

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