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February 16, 2003 at 1:35 PM

so i actually practiced a little yesterday. wow. it wasnt too bad. i then went out to dinner the the fam. ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. thats all i can say. i was in a bad mood i dont why. i feel bad about it. liz(my isster) did this ridiculous thing to her hair. we'll just say she looks like demi moore in GI JANE (ughhhhhhhhh gross!). but yeah. so people kept looking at her. it was embarassing. i think im gonna start one the solo viola sonatas by hindemith after my competitions (as well as yay! Walton Concerto!). they are soooo cool.i think one year im gonna keep myself in hiding and learn every piece for viola hindemith wrote..or in a 2-3 year period. since there were so many. maybe wheni m getting my masters.. hindemith was so awesome. i am OBSESSED(i love that word, unless it has to do with someone obsessed with me....)with the Hindemith Symphonic Metamorphasis. the beginning is sooooo cool. wow. i love it. my teacher said after i heard that piece i would be wearing hindemith t shirts and trading hindemith bubble gum cards.....well, he was right about the t shirt part. i really want a t shirt that says "Hindemith is amazing..and HE WAS A VIOLIST!"..i need to get out more... :/. i just read the article on robert diaz. hes my favorite violist. his tone is excellent and his technique is flawless. what an amazing player. cynthia phelps is great too. so school is going good i guess. schubie just came out with a new cd(hes my theory teacher)....i kind of chnaged his name here. he was asking people if he could autograph it and he was selling it in school...trashy.......oh, who said that!? anyway, margaretha yelled at jen the other day. jen is probably the mosty awful violinist i have ever heard. she makes noises i have never heard of before. or as my teacher says about ME "Chris is a composer...he composes new rhythms, new every piece!" i love my teacher. hes the best. margaretha is too. shes so spontaneous,. the article in newsday was so cool about heri have it pinned up in my room. wow. thats sad too. i should have like, porn pinned up in my room, yet i have an article and picture of my dutch viola teacher....sigh....well, anyway, jen was playing the 2nd Mozart violin concerto, and she had it for two weeks. it was as graceful as someone cutting a baby out of sharon tate.
it was most awful thing i had ever heard. and so margaretha said gto her "well, u havent been practicing,. now, we have to hear you like this." and later on, i got so sick of hearing these awful noises every week i went up to jen and said "listen, you better start working. we are SICK of hearing these noises every week. got it?" and shes like "i did practice!" andi said "no u didnt! you just said two minutes ago tat you didn't." she must know how bad she is. also, we had a visitor come in for an orientation of the high shool, and the girl couldnt play a g major scale in tune. margaretha bascially said "unlessu take a few lessons, you are not getting in. this school is for people who are already talented." the girl still didnt gt the point. but whatever. but why are these awful people at this performing arts high school!? i mean, there are some good people at cac but others...i dont know how they put their pants on in the morning. i better go., dad just brought home bagels....later my peeps.
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