May 2008

time to turn in the keys until July 30

May 22, 2008 17:28
2005 version
1978 muppets version

'Nuff said!

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the end is near

May 14, 2008 18:30

Tomorrow my elementary string students have a daytime performance. It was supposed to be today, but students from one of the damaged high schools had to use our auditorium for state required end of course tests. We missed our last rehearsals, so it might be interesting. Actually, it should be ok. I have them play all together, but they only play the songs they really know. It's from memory, partly out of necessity, because I will have about 60 kids playing and we have to get off the stage quick for a dance performance. We mix up the traditional class stuff with the Suzuki stuff, and EVERYONE plays twinkle variations on D & A. Then it will be on to inventory, inventory, inventory....

Now for...
(aka, why this half of my job will be at a different school next year)

"How can you give me a zero when I didn't even do none of it?"

"Why do I have to go to summer school when I didn't pass '3 little parts' of the CRCT?" (CRCT is the state test for Georgia; those "3 little parts" are about 3/4 of the test and must be passed to go on to high school).

The above examples are 2 reasons why home room teachers needed to wait until the end of the school day to tell their students who was destined for summer school instead of right before they arrived at my doorway.

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back to work

May 13, 2008 18:02

Well, I have been wanting snow days since I moved south, so I got a tornado day instead. Everyone was off on Monday. Today the students were still off, but teachers came in to at least take care of one of our end of the year staff planning days. The schools I teach at were unaffected, but those in the southwest of town were hammered. One high school lost its roof, had portables turned over and a couple inches of standing water. The high school students were just getting ready to take state required end-of-course tests, so they are going to alternate days with one of the other high schools in order to finish up. My 2 schools are open and will have staff from other buildings present to finish doing grades, etc. while their schools become operational. We are very fortunate the storms hit when school was not in session. I am supposed to begin a technology class on Thursday at a local college that received some damage, so we'll see if it really starts as scheduled.

My orchestra stuff has eased up for the moment. My husband is off playing opera on the other side of the state. One of the cellists in the pit was a former classmate of mine at CIM who now operates the heart-lung machine during cardiac procedures. Another cellist from that area was murdered on Saturday night; it's been a crazy week.

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May 11, 2008 08:58

My 6 yr old woke us up at 5:30 a.m. because she heard the tornado sirens. So we all went downstairs and waited for the storm to pass. We got off with just some downed branches and the power went off for about 1/2 an hour. Some places are without power and water. Apparently we had simultaneous tornadoes go through the north and south of town. Many roads are closed because of downed trees and some buildings in the south of town had major damage;the mayor also declared a state of emergency. So we are stuck at home today. Have to grade papers anyway. Happy Mother's Day!

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May 7, 2008 02:55

I played for a holocaust memorial service on Sunday. The speaker was a Rumanian child survivor. From his family, only he and his mother survived.
You can even hear me play viola for about 5 seconds!

My husband was elsewhere that evening, playing a concert that featured music about the immigrants who passed through Ellis island. My husband's grandparents were such immigrants, as part of the Greek population forced out of Turkey in the early 20th century.

I live in a city still marred by racial tensions.

Will we ever get it right?

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