November 2008

but don't forget to gobble when you move

November 21, 2008 18:45

So after a morning of Twinkles and elementary orchestra, I got in my car to drive to my other school.  I turned on the radio and heard Symphony #3 by Brahms.  I haven't played that symphony in awhile, but the Brahms-ian angst immediately drew me in and made me ponder about incongruous it is to try and balance teaching and playing.   I enjoy doing both, but the balance of one to the other is out of whack.  Oh well.  Off to my second school I went.  Chorus students always trail in at the last minute because their math teacher won't let them out on time.  Then 5 classes doing  the Turkey Woogie.  Now, flapping your wings and knocking your knees can actually be done to develop a sense of  steady beat, but it's not exactly the same as playing Brahms.  Oh well (again).  It will soon be the season of many  a Christmas gig, but no music for music's sake, at least for awhile. 

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A Visit from Uncle Joe

November 17, 2008 18:13

My brother just left from his weekend visit.  He started to think about visiting because he got school fundraiser postcards from my daughters.  Before he called, he googled my husband's last name (which is different than mine), came across and called after he saw his nieces' picture on my blog.  He saw them sing for a church event at their school and got to eat pancakes at said event while I earned volunteer hours playing  background music.  He got them lots of little presents (that only uncles without children can buy because parents would say no).  They had loads of fun with their Uncle Joe (Joe the electrical engineer, not that Joe the Plumber guy).   Now I get to to de-hyperize them (thanks, bro.)  His very nice girlfriend came along and we all got along great.   I am also finally getting over being sick.  I am still coughing a little, but the big blowout coughing attacks seem to be over.   I guess it's not a good plan to skip out on the asthma meds.  We have all of next week off, so I'll finally have a chance to catch up on some rest.  That is good, because December is (as it should be) a busy month.  Maybe I'll try out that free set of Warchals during the holiday gigging season.

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Go Vote Tomorrow! Today!

November 3, 2008 17:27

I first voted my senior year of high school.  I went with my parents to our little polling precinct and cast my vote on a punch card.  In years since,  I have punched, used computer touch screens, and used paper when the computers went down.  In 2000, I almost didn't get to vote as the Michigan "motor voter" process did not change my address as it was supposed to.

Tomorrow, I can't teach my string classes, as my school is a voting site and my "rooms" are being used for voting and a book fair.   So I am taking a personal day and standing in line early.  I don't need a repeat of the last eight years.  My choice may not be yours, but please go vote tomorrow so we all are heard (Then, unless you are against free handouts, go get your free Starbucks, Krispy Kreme, etc...).

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