January 2008

Goodbye, Dolly

January 26, 2008 21:28

Yesterday, our older daughter turned six. We went to the circus and saw elephants, some tigers, and the usual amazing acrobatics.

Tonight was a night of not so impressive vocal acrobatics. The soloist for tonight's pop concert was a Streisand impersonator. I would say counting was not her specialty. She apparently does something in Vegas and won some performance on contest on Fox, but we were the lucky guinea pigs for her first orchestral show. A Frank Sinatra impersonator joined her for some songs and some not-so-witty repartee that included some quite offensive ethnic "jokes". It is possible to find quality soloists for pop shows, so I do not know why we have to get this lounge lizard stuff. Ick!

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January 19, 2008 19:50

My gig in Atlanta got postponed due to a whopping 1 inch of snow. We got the call about 12 miles from arriving at the arena. We were supposed to get snow in Macon as well, but it never got cold enough. So I took a long winter's nap instead. If I could only get paid for napping....

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history forgotten

January 14, 2008 17:29

Assignment: draw the 5 lines of the music staff. Tough, I know. So what do I get? Oh, a student decides to start writing a gansta rap that includes the "n" word. So, before I sent him to the counselor, I asked him if he knew why that particular word was bad-I really think he did not know. It's disturbing that I have students who do not even know the history of that word. They won't even try to listen to a classical piece but are perfectly accepting of lyrics which denigrate their own existence. I wonder if that student has any idea why we do not have school next Monday. Disturbing. Just disturbing.

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You deserve a break....

January 6, 2008 20:43

My school break is OVER. We teachers went back on Jan. 4, and we have students again tomorrow. That is why I attempted to mark student parts while we were at the movie theater. Pitch will be, ahem, "interesting" tomorrow. Behavior may be as well.

The holiday gig season was very busy this year. On Christmas Eve, my husband and I played first played a 6 p.m. service and then one at our on church at 11 p.m. There was no one to watch our girls at the 11 p.m. service, so the Sunday school director offered to watch them. They sat in the back pew during our prelude dressed in their pink froggy pajamas (we weren't expecting them to actually be in church) and then went off to fall asleep to "A Charlie Brown Christmas". Since Linus reads the same passage from Luke that they would have heard in church, it all worked out ok. Gig season slows down a bit now. The next one up is in 2 weeks- it's with the "you deserve a break" singer famous for a song that is not really about his dog (alas, another urban legend).

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