August 2007

Mozart to Motown

August 25, 2007 20:27

A crazy week for playing-10 Mozart church sonatas on Tuesday, an all-Motown Symphony Pops on Friday, and then a run-out concert which was essentially a reception gig. I had to stay up late/get up early almost every night this week to complete school related materials. My 8th graders got switched back to an A/B block, so it's back to 90 minutes on alternate days (listening examples just got longer for my particular class of 31). There is much more to that story, but I'll get in trouble if I discuss it here. Some students found out they might actually have to practice before their next shifting quiz. Elementary classes are going well as they begin twinkling away on open strings. As a parent, I survived ferrying daughters to pre-ballet class between school and a gig, kindergarten homework, and a minor uniform crisis. And just now, the cat didn't really mean to slice my left hand when she launched off of me. Now it's time to crash, as my magical hope of getting to sleep late on the weekend has never materialized.

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What I is...(a continuation)

August 9, 2007 19:59

I is...
TIRED (or is that "I be tired"?).
It was 103 degrees today (heat index up to 115).

I just completed next week's lesson plans for 7 different elementary strings classes and 3 middle school strings classes. Haven't finished my 8th grade music appreciation classes yet. We are a "core knowledge" school; that means I can officially say no hip-hop or rap (it's not in the curriculum). In the 8th grade, they are supposed to be able to handle nationalism, music of other cultures, and modernism. Ha-you can hear the crickets when I ask them a question about what they just heard. So we are going to start with a review of the elements of music, starting with rhythm. I get to play part of Rite of Spring tomorrow (in the curriculum). We'll skip the story line for now. My string players get to shake off the dust tomorrow. It will be interesting, for sure, as those will school instruments (90% of them) have not played since mid-May. Ear plugs, anyone?

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What you is?

August 8, 2007 03:11

If you need a translation, that means "What do you teach?" It's the third day with students-will I know my schedule yet, or will I be babysitting more loud 8th graders who want to know if my hair is real (as if I would really weave in frizzy semi-gray stuff!). And, as a bonus, it's predicited to be 101 degrees today. Does it get any better?

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