February 2007

Happy Birthday to me!

February 28, 2007 17:35

Happy Birthday to me!! I finished cleaning at almost 11 p.m. and turned in my apartment keys this afternoon. Strictly a homeowner again. Tomorrow we start rehearsing for our weekend concert of the 4 Seasons and Brahms Symphony #2. Still need some babysitters. Actually, my check should probably just be made out to the babysittter. Maybe symphonies should start their own child care services (except the kids might pick up some bad habits from the brass players).

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History-Faux and Otherwise

February 24, 2007 08:06

Yesterday, I picked up a silly faux scholarly tome called "The Art of the Funerary Violin". The writing is along the lines of "Why Cats Paint", "The Journal of Irreproduceable Results" and "The Areas of My Expertise". It's an entirely fake history of a secret guild of funeral violinists who were persecuted and forced underground by the Vatican (hmm, Da Vinci code, anyone?). Strad almost ran article by the author, but realized the ruse in time. I guess there's a reason we learn how to do research in college!

Today, I have a symphony concert with the Redding Family. Otis Redding was a native of Macon, GA. He (and Little Richard) grew up in the Pleasant Hill area-the first section of town where African Americans could buy houses. There are rows of shot-gun houses, many of which are boarded up or in need of great repair. I-75 now bisects through the historic area as well. If you go up a few blocks, you can see another historic area-there, you will find mansions like the opulent Hay House, a residence of the treasurer of the Confederacy (a secret room in a stairway was an alleged storehouse for Confederate gold). These extremes are slammed together in Macon and still effect life here on a daily basis. So while it is entertaining to ponder the woes of an imaginary society of violinists, it is so much more important to know about the real past and understand how it shapes our lives today.

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The Movers are Coming.....

February 18, 2007 10:48

We are moving are stuff today into our new house. My piano gets to come home from church (it's done a noble job being the information caddy for the school in Haiti our church supports)...Kids in separate rooms (no more entertaining each other at nap time)...a washer & dryer again (no 8 loads of laundry up and down the apartment steps)....I get my own practice area....Yipeee....

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Not a Snow Day :( Not even a Sick Day

February 14, 2007 19:05

OK, enough with the blogs about snow days! I could have used one this week. I had to miss 2 days last week because my daughter was sick, and now that I've been running a fever for a couple days, I basically still have to go in anyway. And I still need a babysitter for our Friday double rehearsal. Oh, cross that out. My husband's college student just came through for us. At least I really get Monday off for President's day. And I do get to be an official homeowner again starting tomorrow at about 5 p.m.

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A New House

February 11, 2007 11:52

We close on our new house on the 15th and take possession on the 20th.
Oh, to have a basement again! And kids in separate rooms...Now if I could only pack and practice at the same time...

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February 6, 2007 16:03

Bug #1: My older daughter threw up on the way into church for cherub choir. It was the first rehearsal after taking a holiday break and ironically, at the last rehearsal before the holidays, my younger daughter threw up during the rehearsal. I think the director will run whenever they see us coming.

Bug #2: When I got to my middle school orchestra room today, I first thought someone had left there dark rosin on the floor. But alas, rosin does not have legs. It was one of those lovely giant Georgia cockroaches (oh, if it would get cold enough down here to kill bugs).

Bug #3: I was returning a pencil to one of my students when I noticed movement in her hair. I looked again and yep, sure enough, I spied a large sized adult female louse. Bet you're itchy now!

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