November 2007

back to the salt mines

November 25, 2007 21:53

Well, your next chance to see me on Oprah will be Tuesday again. Will the top of my head make an appearance? Will they show us feigning surprise at when we are told we are playing on her show? I'll be at a faculty meeting, so I may never know.

Tonight, I played in a very drafty pit for a rehearsal for Amahl. I am playing viola this go round, and I was so cold that I kept thinking "violas burn longer". It was cold enough that it triggered some asthma, and I had to use my inhaler. And this is Macon. Where all sorts of things are blooming. We've had 2 days of real fall weather. It's supposed to be 70 again by Wednesday, so I guess I'll live. School starts again tomorrow, so I better rest up for the lovely sounds/behaviors that are ahead.

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my five minutes of fame

November 18, 2007 06:03

What was I doing on Saturday?

Watch on Tuesday. 4 p.m. See famous tv persona with famous singing guest, accompanied by orchestra, on last segment. Watch audience clean up. Even if you only see my head once, I have achieved something as yet unattainable by Joshua Bell!

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turkeys all around

November 11, 2007 21:40

Johann Christian Schieferdecker. That's who married Buxtehude's daughter, in case you're still wondering.

But my real trivia question is (after spending way too much time with an audio history of the musical), what is the name of the English musical from 1896 that has the exciting song "The Amorous Goldfish"? And how do you think my students will react to the names John Gay, the Gaity Theater, and Lecoq? Good thing there's a sub Tuesday. Gotta get through the week. Then I get the whole week of Thanksgiving off.

And I have a really cool gig at the end of the week, but it's all super secret, so I cannot reveal anything until after it's done (you will be jealous).

Gobble Gobble!

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the scarlet bass

November 5, 2007 15:51

To begin on a positive note, my second group of beginning Suzuki students are blasting through all their twinkles and can do the hardest parts of Lightly Row. Now for the rest of the day:

A few years ago, I accidentally used a permanent marker on a dry erase board. I discovered it would come off if I used a dry erase marker on top of it. Well, this nifty little trick came in handy today. Remember the bass being used as a hurdle? Well, it apparently came back from jazz band on Friday with a large letter "A" written in permanent marker on the back. I discovered it today, after the aforementioned bass player had to set her bass down as I wrote her up for threatening another student who had corrected her ebonics-laden grammar (where verb tense and order are entirely optional). Anyway, the bass is all spiffy again, and I'll find out tomorrow what happens to the bassist. This all made another student happy, as I did not have time to deal with her perpetual interruptions.

Then, the end of the day just made more smoke come out of my ears. My fellow fine arts colleagues turned in an incorrect date and time to the fine arts chair of the district (because no one looked at a calendar), as well as decided that our holiday program would be off-site. I haven't been privy to any of this, as I am itinerant and nothing had been communicated to me. We have no location for a concert that is happening in 5 weeks. I might explode if I go on, so I'll just leave it at that.

Now, since I spent seven hours yesterday preparing class materials and doing grades, after I teach my daughters violin lessons, I am going to be a real musician and practice Beethoven Symphony #1.

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