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June 2007

SpyBot Heaven

June 25, 2007 09:57

I just went to the web site of a leading newspaper in Salt Lake City and tried to check on upcoming Concerts. What I got was a rash of downloads. Spybot cleaned up 42 problems after I got off that site.

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The Best Left Hand in the Business

June 22, 2007 19:47

Perlman - Meditation Thais

As I progress in my playing I am able to hear for the first time: the bow speed to push a note, the finger stutter to de-emphasize a note to "where it is there but not there", vertical and horizontal finger slurs, the sideways slur gives two sounds to one note as the string tightens, same as a guitar. Perlman puts it all into Meditation. Listen carefully.

Is there a "left hand language" on a violin that some can't speak and others fail to hear?

I wish Perlman would teach some cellist how to play The Swan like he can play Meditation on the violin.

I can't believe the piano junk in the background either. It sounds like a drunk walking home in the dark.

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Teach Goes Classical

June 22, 2007 16:51

She came in worried and drained. It was very hot. She was worried about bills and had three vehicles broken down. I sometimes think they talk in the garage.

I wanted her to listen to a piece I had been trying to "get" off Rhapsody by Camille Saint-Saens called The Swan and started playing it off the computer. I'm wondering if I can re-tune my violin to a cello's type tuning procedure to get the lower sound?

I looked over at her to get her reaction and got a picture I shall never forget.

Old Blue Grass was stretched out full length in the chair with her eyes closed, her shoes kicked off, a smile on her face and with her arms around Bo our dog that always gets a treat when she comes. Nancy had just let him in to visit her.

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The Technically Incorrect

June 20, 2007 05:34

The hay is stacked or sold, I'm corrugating and getting ready for water on parched land. My elbows and shoulders are mending.

Yesterday I was listening to Alison Krauss and the Cox Family playing "Will there be any stars in my crown." I grabbed my violin and started trying to play with them.

On the first playing of the song I learned pretty much which strings they were on and as I replayed and tried to keep up I started getting some of the notes. I was late but I could hear I was exactly on track.

After fifteen minutes, a lot sooner than I expected, I turned the music to mute and nailed one portion and then started expanding it. It has been a day of practice and memorization and I have that song and I'm tickled to death and I have started learning two other songs on that album. I think Teach will flip when I show her what I have done. We have had a zero two or three weeks of no progress in my music, while I tried to get hay in during two 1/4 inch rains which always helps (not).

The Mandolin maker two miles away from me liked a story I e-mailed him about my cowboy pastor in Jackpot, NV and I have invited him to go to our camp meeting. The winners of the Texas preaching and gospel music awards will both be down for this tent meeting out on the desert. A chuck wagon ministry that feeds the poor under an overpass in Salt Lake City is coming down with 200 pounds of ribs, there will be food galore.

Unless you have kicked a few bushes down in NV you can't even imagine what characters live down there. A state run by the Mafia, prostitution and gambling. It is another world.

I will try and take pictures of the camp meeting and get some stories from our "SW Juilliard School of Music."

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Search for Violin Concerts in the NW

June 15, 2007 12:49

They come and go and I never got a chance to buy tickets - how do you search at Google for what is coming your way?

I have e-mailed Ogden and Boise sites and get no response. I don't take the paper and the Twin Falls paper wouldn't run this type of ad anyway and neither do the T.V. and radio stations.

How do you keep informed?

I have tabbed three searches so far and found them just now: 1. Morrison Center (Boise) Calendar of Events and 2. Concert Calendar Deseret News Salt Lake City and 3. Sun Valley Calendar of Events. But, there are no searches within them for violin music and most don't project into the future farther than three weeks. I know Hahn will be at Salt Lake and Ogden next year.

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Are Your Fine Tuners Shot?

June 11, 2007 01:54

My violin had a shot E tuner and I changed it. Now, my A is showing me it needs to be replaced. I think this is why I was getting a halo around the tone on A and had JohnsonStrings send me a replacement. I will mail them a check. Their A string (Evah) was O.K. and not defective, it was my tuner.

Please note that the highest pressure is always on the E and the A strings and they should be the first to go.

My violin is eleven years old and I have had it for four months. I am wondering who makes the best fine tuners? I will probably replace all of them, even the new one, to get them to match.

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Hay What's wrong with my elbow

June 11, 2007 01:17

I have two fields picked up and hand stacked of first cutting grass hay and now I am working on the big field. It has rained twice but we have limited the damage by turning some cut hay and turning the bales to get the bottoms to dry out.

I have had no time to practice and when I did it was because I wanted to. Absence does make the heart grow fonder. Teach raises hay also and was very positive, "things happen, go slow and play the last page you played well."

My right elbow is killing me some days when I get through feeding, irrigating and working. BBC just ran an article saying inactive men loose their Testosterone and die shortly thereafter. Guess I don't have to worry about that one.

My grand daughter just bought a well bred mare out of NV and bred her to a cutting stud. Her feet are horrible, long and splitting. I guess I'll be trimming her tomorrow while it rains. I hope she will stand still.

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June 7, 2007 07:15

Is soul that part of you that reinvents a rosy future while you are standing in ashes?

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Hay Fever and Music

June 2, 2007 05:18

Do anti-histamines rule your day? Mullein is a natural herb that has helped mankind since who knows when and ... drum roll ... no side effects such a drowsiness. (Cost: $10 per pound incl. shipping / Dose: varies with the individual but about on spoon full in tea, don't over heat; one source

Want to loose your short term memory and live in utter frustration? Then don't recognize or treat your Thyroid problem.

The Thyroid Test:

Does/did someone you know suddenly loose a lot of weight, can't put the dishes up and leaves them on the drainboard because you think they are lazy (truth - suddenly can't remember where they go), sits around all day in a stupor without controlling the direction of their everyday activities?

An alarming number of people are part of the new thyroid problem in America. Go to the Atlanta Disease Control Center and type in "Thyroid problems" at the search window.

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