August 2008

september is just around the corner

August 30, 2008 08:40

Bye bye August, hello September! And hello to 2nd year! This year is really exciting me! I don't have too many apprehensions about my year and what to expect, just a little bit of anxiousness about all the courses I'm in and being able to keep up with them all. My biggest change to this years course list is that I'm taking less ensembles and taking composition instead (with the possibility of starting a double major starting in 3rd year in the back of my mind). I'm totally stoked for the composition class! I hadn't done a whole lot of composing in the past couple of years up until part way into this last school year and now I just can't stop! Now I have all these ideas and goals of pieces I want to write for different things!

Repertoire this year.... LOVE IT!....I've talked to my teacher and we've got it all pretty much picked out - Chausson Poeme, Bach A minor Sonata (I haven't played any of this one!), Beethoven Sonata No.4, Stravinsky Suite Italienne, Grieg Sonata No.2, Devil's Trill Sonata, Rachmaninov Vocalise and a few other smaller pieces! Should be a blast! It makes me really excited to get back to work! I'm doing a big recital next spring back home as part of the community concerts society. They have some really amazing ensembles from Montreal and elsewhere coming to perform so I feel pretty excited and lucky to be performing in part of the same series!

It's departure day here for me. My summer vacation back home with family has ended and it's off to Vancouver with me now!

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And just like that it's all over

August 20, 2008 20:10

YAE is over and now it's onto the next thing. In some ways I'm relieved and in others I'm incredibly sad. YAE is always such a terrific experience, though an exhausting one. It's been fun to be in a TA role this year and to get to watch how the kids have changed and progressed over the course of the program. YAE really brings out the best in a lot of people and lot in their personalities. My personal favorite event from this year, aside from all the performing was the Gamelan ensemble. I've always been fascinated by the gamelan to get to learn how to play it was an incredible experience! I never realized just how complex the rhythms were that create that fantastic sound!

Now it's back to practicing and composing and my summer vacation..... if you can all it that.... :)

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life as a TA is truly a blast...

August 17, 2008 17:02

I'm so proud of these guys and all their hard work!!

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truly an experience

August 12, 2008 07:47

You know that when your name disappears from the blog list in the column at the side of the blog page that it's been too long since you've updated your blog! I've started writing several times in the past month but I just haven't known what to say. summer..... It's been interesting! It started off in a manner which I did not anticipate at all but has slowly progressed into a good summer though probably not exactly what I would have chosen to do if circumstances had been different.

Right now I'm in my final week as a TA for YAE (Young Artist Experience) which most of you who read this frequently will probably remember is a terrific chamber music program which I have been a student at in past. It's been fun being a TA and getting to see how the kids change over the course of the program. A lot, I'd say the majority, started out very shy but through the activities and rehearsals and coachings with various people they have begun to open up and communicate a lot more. I remember my first year at YAE being terrified to try some of the activities presented but as part of the YAE experience you have to participate no matter what and it really expands your mind. My personal favorite workshops this year have been one with Sara Kendall (she did one last year) who through both a lot of fun and a lot of serious stuff managed to get everyone working together as a group and breaking out of their little cliques of 2 or 3 people they were comfortable with. Another workshop I really enjoyed was African drumming and dance. I've never felt (or probably looked!) so goofy in my life but it was so much fun! Now we're in our final stretches of the program with the concerts beginning on Thursday! I'm performing in Ravel's piano trio and a modern work by Kapustin. Both are hard and totally different but rewarding to play! I'm starting to get excited about performing them!

The thing I find so fascinating about YAE is how much people change during the course of it and how their attitudes towards themselves, their playing, chamber music, other people and sometimes certain global issues are altered (in a positive way) in such a short period of time. I'm personally far more outgoing and confident in certain aspects of my abilities as a musician as a result of my summers at YAE the past few years. I'm more willing to take risks and push myself outside of my comfort zone in order to hopefully gain from the experience and grow as an individual (and I don't mean by doing bad things!). How will you ever know what you're truly capable of if you don't push yourself outside of that restrictive comfort zone? YAE is all about pushing your abilities and exposing your strengths and improving your weaknesses and building relationships. I don't know what could be a better thing to achieve at camp!

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