June 2008

summertime scenes and a new camera

June 29, 2008 22:18

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through rose colored panes of glass

June 23, 2008 22:54

I close my eyes to the sound of a familiar symphony, not one made up of violins, cellos, trumpets and timpani, but one of the world around me. I am the conductor, each step placed softly, a new soundscape exposed. The luminescent breeze rustles gently through the tree branches towering high above. My eyes still closed, I hear the breeze soaring above me long before it finally reaches my face bringing with it the sweet smell of spring blossoms. I take another step, the trees still serenading me as I slowly wind my way down the path. In the distance the echo of a child's voice cries out, "mommy, mommy! Wait for me!" I continued on, the gentle patter of her tiny feet fading into the distance accompanied by the her small, delicate voice. A new movement begins now, the wind shifts slightly, a new timbre resonates from the bark of the trees and skips playfully across the water. Swirling, rippling, the drink laps against the shore peacefully, unobtrusively. This is paradise. I find an accustomed stone and perch precariously on it's cool smooth surface, the dimming sun warming my face as it fades into the distance building a palette of inexhaustible colors each melding into one another on the sky's limitless canvas. I don't have to open my eyes to know what's in front of me but I can't help but watch as the sun disappears into undulating water. As the sun says "farewell" and the moon says "good evening" an entirely texture is painted across the heavenly canvas of sky. Stars, like beacons, twinkling in the distance guide those at sea and inspire wishes to those who spot them first. The breeze wisps across my face once more, it's coolness surprising. Reluctantly I move from my resting place and with my head turned towards space, I wander off. Until tomorrow, the rest is up to my imagination.

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20 minutes

June 8, 2008 18:51

"Ding dong ding,"
an ascending triad rings out.
The door closes.

A disconcerting stare.
A feeble mind.
Paralyzed in a moment.

The warmth of a hand
never so cold, stone-hearted,


A momentary prison,
haunting and cruel.
Freed at last.

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distant introspection

June 5, 2008 22:29

It's been awhile,
things have changed
I've changed.

footsteps once taken unguarded
now carefully planned, purposefully placed
"Shh" murmurs the ocean, listen.

sliding down,
I sit, nestled between the rocks,
the seabreeze gently caressing my face.

Distant thoughts, a distant gaze, interrupted
a gavel, a badly sung song.
I return to actuality

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June 2, 2008 09:35

.... obscuring a well developed and maintained violin hickey for the purposes of job interviews is not easily done.

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