April 2008

an adventure of the mind

April 28, 2008 20:49

Wandering down the trail for what seemed like the 100th time, she thought about how she never grew bored of the familiar trail of steep winding stairs. Everytime she descended the path carved through the trees she noticed something new or would hear or see things differently. She'd notice something different in how the trees were leaning against one another, in how the plants were starting to flower out, how the sun reflected through the trees, this wind and the sound it would make as it whistled through the trees and skipped across the ocean waves far below. On this particular day, the air was thick with humidity so she slowed her pace as she weaved her way down the stairs, taking her time to look around and enjoy the scenery. She realized she had been rushing and wondered why she needed to get to the beach so quickly. Soon footsteps could be heard catching up behind her. She instinctually stepped over to the side to allow room for whomever it was to pass. Whoever it was, whatever their motives, they were in a hurry and in a rapid blur, a pale, nude body went whizzing by with nothing but a backpack on. Further down the trail a woman was walking up the stairs and with a startled expression looked up, her face turning a bright magenta that matched her coat.

With the sun and a warm and gentle breeze to welcome me, I arrived at the bottom of the path. I could still see the pale little man running off in the distance. I turned in the other direction, facing into the sun and began to walk. The tide was out and the breeze wafted the delicious smell of the sea to my nose. In the distance I could see a heron spying its prey at the receding waters edge. Heading towards a wall of rocks, I found myself gazing at the sand. There were hundreds if not thousands of crushed and shattered seashells littered across the moist sand. As I walked, the sunlight would catch the tiny shards making them twinkle in greeting as I walked. As I arrived at the towering wall of rocks and began to climb, the heron seemed to watch me curiously. I made it to the top and perched myself comfortably in between a couple of rocks that made themselves into almost a chair type shape. The wind was more biting and strong atop the rocks but the sun was equally warm and comforting. I closed me eyes. The waves splashed gentle and rhythmically against the shore, relaxing and comforting like a mother singing a lullaby to a baby unable to sleep. Bird calls echoed across the open as the birds danced about in the sky, chasing and teasing each other playfully. The wind rustled in the trees and whistled through the boulders piled high along the beach. All else was silent and calm.The little naked man was no where in sight and the beach was deserted. I sat high atop my little castle of rocks looking out to the sea. A call rang out, a person became visible off in the distance (this time with their clothes on!) and I knew my solitude was over for today's little excursion. Reluctantly, I gathered my things and carefully climbed down from my rocky kingdom. I began to slowly wind my way across the beach towards the little scar in the trees that marked the trail heading. The crushed shells still twinkled at me as I passed them by, saying goodbye as I retraced my earlier steps, my footprints still visible in the damp sand. I arrived at the trail head and with a sigh and a refreshed mind, began my ascent up the some 450 stairs.....1...2....3....

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rules of survival

April 23, 2008 10:28

Today is my jury and upon walking out of the recital hall, I'll have made it through my first year of university as a music student. I feel like I should be really nervous or terrified or something especially after seeing how stressed and freaked out some of my friends have been doing theirs, but I'm not. I'm strangely calm and relaxed! Yay!! Now if I can remember three simple things when I am in there, I should be rock!!

1. Don't panic!
2. Focus - don't think about what I want for dinner when I'm trying to do the cadenza from the Mendelssohn concerto.
3. Relax. Tension never helps. It makes you rush. So chill out!

Ok, there are 4 rules...

4. Have fun!!

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April 6, 2008 09:20

What sort of moron would willingly sign themselves up for an 8:30am jury? That seems to be a popular question to be asked and the answer to the question is? Me. An 8:30am jury in sightsinging, tapping, etc etc etc. is the time I chose. I'm first on the list of the first day of exams for that course. I'll be able to go and get it done and over with and then hear all the complaints from everyone else and not have to be stressing anymore because what's done is done!

I turned on the radio a couple weeks ago in a rare moment of weakness. I didn't really feel like listening to any of my cds and my little external-speakerless laptop isn't exactly a powerhouse of sound that I can make heard in my apartment while cleaning, so in a moment of weakness I turned on CBC radio two thinking to myself that it'd been so long since I last listened that I'd give CBC another shot. Mostly I was disappointed. But one song did come out of it that I'm rather hooked on now and I'm not entirely sure why because it's not a particularly great or stunning work of composition or musical content. In fact, it's really rather lacking but it's addictive for some reason. It's like commercial classical music! Not really a whole lot of musical substance but it's hard to ignore. The piece (in case any of you are interested) is called "Harbinger" by Michael Oldfield (and orchestrated by Karl Jenkins). I did manage to find a video on youtube that has the music playing. I haven't actually read or payed any attention to the video/journal that goes with it, I just put it on for the music. So if there's anything offensive in the text that accompanies the music, my apologies. http://youtube.com/watch?v=L1Eqizg-cyE

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my little piece of paradise

April 1, 2008 08:16

A friend recently said (as have many other people)"be careful what you wish for" and you know what? It's true. You never know when a wish made in seriousness or jest may just come true. Yesterday, as I was walking home with a friend from school as opposed to the usual bus routine, I somehow got onto the topic of how I missed swinging on swings as a kid. I'd never walked home from school before as it's quite a little distance but yesterday I really wanted to go on a walk and somehow it turned out that we ended up just walking home. Enroute, not long after having reminisced about swings, a park appeared before my eyes and in it, a swing set! I honestly can't remember the last time I was on a swing set and it was such an awesome feeling to get on the swing and be flying high in the air with that sense of freedom and letting go. It brought back floods of memories. I remember when I was little that we used to twist the chains around as much as we possibly could and then my dad would run and give us a huge push sending us careening back and forth in around in a huge circle as the chains untwisted themselves. It always made me a little dizzy but I loved it! I felt like a little kid again last night, out in the mostly deserted park, choir and piano music drifting in the background from a nearby church, as I tried to get as high as I could and then sending the swing twirling in circles. What a wonderful little piece of paradise to escape to on a cool spring evening under a starry night sky.

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