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Kelsey Z.

pearls of wisdom

March 23, 2008 at 6:48 AM

Just when I think I have things figured out and start to feel secure in my own directions with everything, things start to happen that throw that balance and sense of direction all out of wack. Order becomes chaos. Chaos can be wonderful and most of the time I enjoy things more if they tend to be a little more out of place.It keeps things interesting and adds a sense of spontaneity and surprise to otherwise mundane and repetitive tasks and objectives but order and organization in at least some areas is entirely necessary in order to stay sane.

Random interjection for one's own amusement ..... there are only so many times you can knock a clock off a table (well in my case a chair - I don't have a bedside table) before it no longer functions as a time keeping device.

Anyone who's ever lived in or visited Vancouver for any length of time knows that it can get pretty dreary and ugly here when it rains for days on end. On the other hand if you've been here at all, you'll also know it's one of the most beautiful places to be when the weather is good. Today the weather is quite lovely out and spring is very much in the air! I just couldn't resist getting outside and down to the beach while the tide was out. One thing I love about this city is you can go to beaches like Wreck Beach or Jericho Beach or Spanish Banks and forget you're even in a city. It's so calm and peaceful (when there aren't lots of people around) with the sounds of the birds and other sea life and the smell of the ocean around to greet you. There aren't the sirens or traffic and noise of the city and at some of the beaches there isn't even a view of the city buildings so it's really like you're in a completely different place and I love it!

As my first year of university comes to a close I find myself thinking about how quickly the year has gone and about all the experiences and people I've met. When I think about it I really wonder how I've managed to cram so much into such a short space of time and how I've managed to still come out on top somehow. It's funny how the mind can cope and navigate all the obstacles that are presented. There was so much that I was never prepared for at all this year, and maybe you're never prepared for it but it's certainly been a huge growing period for me this year.

Anyways, I'll close off for now and leave you with a picture from the beach. :)

From Pauline Lerner
Posted on March 23, 2008 at 7:21 AM
That's a beautiful picture. You're lucky that you have such a pretty, quiet place that you can get to easily. It must really help your state of mind. I used to have a getaway place, and I miss it terribly.

I think I know how you managed to get so much accomplished in so little time. You didn't sleep much.

I hope you always have an accessible getaway place and that it helps you feel more calm and strong.

From Tom Holzman
Posted on March 23, 2008 at 3:54 PM
I lived for several years in Seattle as a child. The trick with the weather is to go outside whenever the sun is out because you do not get many shots at it.
From Yixi Zhang
Posted on March 23, 2008 at 9:08 PM
Beautiful prose and beautiful picture! I especially like the way the centre shell collecting the lights – a lot to be thought about it when I’m looking this picture.
It’s so true a lot of things in life are not to be prepared for. But a lot of them in a sense you may have been prepared for years, such as positive outlook, good work ethics, perseverance and confidence in yourself and in the people around you. Specific skills and knowledge about something are relatively easy to be prepared for, but in the end, it’s the health attitude and inner strength that really make the difference in terms of readiness for new challenges, whatever they may be.

Congrats for your successful first UBC year and enjoy the spring!:-)

From Jon O'Brien
Posted on March 24, 2008 at 1:32 AM
What a beautiful photograph!

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