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Kelsey Z.

words are the coolest invention on the planet!

April 20, 2006 at 3:42 AM

Have you ever experienced that feeling of trying really hard at something but for some reason, despite hard work, the effort to get help etc. things just don't make sense? Well that would be mathematics and me. Welcome to this tumultuous relationship that is going to end in divorce. The day math and I split for good will be a day for great happiness and the roasting of marshmallows ....over the burning textbooks.
Ah graduation. *counts on fingers* only 10 weeks away and then I will be free! Free to roam the world, making music, not making music, not feeling guilty about practicing instead of studying and vice versa....ah the day I become a free musician...I mean human! Despite my deepest conflicts with math and the school system and general school enviroment where I go, I am grateful for an education and a good one at that. I have the most amazing English and History teacher (same person teaches both) who inspires me to love what I'm doing an instills me this want to work harder and not only be an actively thinking and questioning student but also a good listening one. I still remember my first class with him where he showed how people just have phatic communication and very little substance in their conversations and how when someone says something you automaticly respond with some way that you can relate or your own experience before taking the time to truly understand and see where that other person is coming from so my math mark might (sorry Mr. Lines) "suck" (Mr. Lines' class is a "no sucks zone" and "nice" isn't a good word either) at the end of the year but my appreciation for people, communication, language and literature will have been propelled to heights that 3 years ago wouldn't have even seemed a posibility had you challenged me directly.

I may have mentioned awhile back that I had the opportunity to perform as part of a historic photography exhibition that's being displayed in the building that I currently teach in. The exhibition is called "Joyful Noise" as it is an exhibition showing the performing arts (dance, music, theatre) as they were in this area from the 1920's through to the 1950's. There were several reputable people in attendence at the event ( no pressure at all!) and I had prepared a couple of Bach mvts along with three movements from the Suite Italienne by Stravinsky. There was an article printed in the paper a few days following the event that had me as a male performer....hmm... there was a correction in the paper a few days later but it was quite funny to see myself referred to as being a "professional" player with "style" and also being male. But to the point! I ran into the person who approached me about doing the performance today and he apparently recorded my performance and will be giving me a dvd of it as soon as he has it finished and compiled!

Anyways...I must get back to the books. Spanish Civil War....Salt March...Long many things to memorise for tomorrow! Oh, and I've given up on math for the night.

From Pauline Lerner
Posted on April 20, 2006 at 5:50 AM
You're graduating in just 10 weeks. Wow! That's something to look forward to and celebrate. What will you be doing after graduating and celebrating?

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