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Kelsey Z.

Juno fever - yeah....I got roped in.

April 3, 2006 at 4:16 PM

Ok, I admit it. I enjoy non-classical music and I watched the Junos (Canadian equivilent of the Grammy's only better! ;) last night. I didn't watch the entire show but I was excited to hear Coldplay and Michael Buble (said boo blay not bubble) perform and was interested to hear a new band I've heard a lot about but never actually heard, Bedouin Soundclash – they were good too. I'm really not sure what the head of the Junos were thinking in having Pamela Anderson host the ceremony, I don't think it was a good idea and she was easily sidetracked from the music to protest the seal hunt of the east coast of Canada not to mention it's hard to take someone who's outfit really doesn't fit, seriously in any matter. If it weren't for the other person who helped host, Buck 65 (they should have let him do the whole thing!) I think the show would have been significantly less good. But anyways... Coldplay rocked (literally), Buble (not bubble) rocked... or crooned... I was pleasantly surprised by Bendouin Soundclash and so the acts that I had wanted to see did not let down and were fun! The rest of the show.... well .. lets just say the rest aren't maybe quite as talented (except Bryan Adams) or just aren't my type of music.

Alright... well I am still sick but I'm alive! Yesterday I wasn't so dizzy and out of it that I couldn't get a couple hours of practicing in and today I don't have to attend one of my classes at school as the students are all going to some type of a career fair and I don't have to go!! So that is nice, I can go in in time for my one class and then come home right after.

I'm performing unaccompanied at a photography event this coming weekend on the music history in this city. Initially I was supposed to be background music so I thought my usual wedding binder would work well but apparently I'm now being more “direct” entertainment so people can come in and sit down. Ah! I have to have at least 15 minutes of music to play so I'm thinking I'll do the Introduzione, Larghetto, and Gavotta (with variaitons) from Stravinsky's Suite Italienne since I know those quite well and then I'll include a couple of Bach movements. Any other ideas anyone?

On Friday after school I went to where I work and practiced for a couple of hours. There was only one other teacher teaching upstairs near the studio that I teach in so I thought that since the building was basicly deserted that I would go downstairs into the “lounge” which is a wood floored, high ceilinged and has really nice acoustics and play for a bit! I worked on my Bach fugue in there and either I've gotten good at it recently or that place just sounds really good to play in!

Well I shall vamoose for now.

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