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Kelsey Z.

two part entry

February 18, 2006 at 3:48 AM

There's nothing like getting together with good people to play good music. I miss playing chamber music every other day and watching other people play chamber music. There's just something about the bond between musicians when they get along and are having fun that's infectious and exciting to watch. Tonight was fun (I'll post this tonight - Monday - if the internet here starts to work again....*grumbles* evil power outages during the day). I got to play violin in string quartets and a Mozart quintet. For someone who doesn't like a whole lot of Mozart I loved playing his 4th quintet as second violist. I've played it before but there are a couple of parts that just always make me want to stop and mark a repeat x 4 and play those spots over and over again. I got to try my hand at Smetena's first quartet...I've played it once before in sightreading only and that third page at the top - triplets with tons of accidents and double sharps. That's a bad combination for almost anyone but especially when the last time you had to actually read and make sense of an alto clef was several weeks ago and when it goes by seemingly rather fast. It was still fun though! It had it's nice moments! We sight-read through some other stuff as well which was fun. Last time we got together I played violin but we had an all Russian chamber music night which I adored - Prokofieff, Shostakovich, Glinka (he honestly has written some really nice quartets), Glazanouv.... it was great!

Today got off to a suprising start. The last few days...picture a normally incrediably cloudly, overcast, dreary, miserable sky and atmosphere (we get more cloud cover here in the winter than even in cities like Vancouver where it rains almost all year long) that you have pictured that, throw that image out of your mind and think of a beautiful valley, filled with little lakes and dominated by one very large on....a clear blue sky and sun. That's a pretty snazzy day. It's usually only like that in the summer, only then it's 35+ (in celsius) outside where as for the last few days it's been pleasently around 4-6 degrees. It's been great! It's been so spring like that plants are starting to come up and appear but today....those poor plants better hide. There was snow and dreary cloudiness again. Driving home from school at about 2 o'clock there was fog, ice and blinding snow. Now the yard is covered in the beautiful white stuff! But wow...what a drastic sudden change and now it's supposed to get down to -15 by the end of the week.

*continues blog 4 days later*

It's been a busy week! I've made a daring decision. Or I think it's daring. Sort of. I'm going to add an extra course to my courseload this semester....I will have a *does math* 23 credit course load which is fairly heavy overall but hopefully managable and it will begin for me, officially on Wednesday. I'm a week behind in my new course, history, but I think it will be good and worth it. I have a friend who's in that class and my favorite teacher is teaching the course so after extensive conversations with him I've decided to take the plunge! If worse comes to worse, I can drop out and I won't be penalized for it. It's been a crazy week for school though. I've been to bed late and awake early trying to get the sudden onset of assignments completed but now they are done, turned in and a weekend with no classes is upon me! A weekend that I will spend doing lots of homework and practicing.

I'll be gone to Vancouver for Monday and part of Tuesday this coming week. I'm going down for a lesson (yay!!!) and then will come back early enough on Tuesday for when I start teaching.

Nothing else incrediable happening here aside from it's gotten really cold the last couple of days! The poor plants!

From Pauline Lerner
Posted on February 19, 2006 at 6:29 AM
Your description of the variable weather reminds me of the place where I live (near Washington DC). I wonder whether your violin goes out of tune as frequently as those around here. When you have a beautiful, sunny day, give it some extra appreciation because it may be a while until the next one.

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