December 2006

December 22, 2006 19:19

I'm sitting here with a cup of hot chocolate, a new hairdo (4-5 inches of hair cut off :O and streaks....) and my new t-shirt! I feel pretty spiffy to say the least. The hair is going to take some getting used to though. A new year is dawning with new obstacles and things to experience so why not start it off with a new look?

Well 'tis the season to be jolly and now that school is done for the holidays, it's just that much more jolly! My last teaching day before the break was Monday. Normally I teach Tuesday's and Wednesday's too but I was in Vancouver for those days to have my own lesson this week! I've managed to stay ahead of everything this year and have been able to get all of my Christmas shopping done already. I bought the last stocking stuffer today! Everything is wrapped, the tree is decorated, I even decorated my studio at the music school - I'm on top of it this year! 8)

Lately things have been rather stressful with recitals, concerts, school and the propsect of auditions looming over me. I've been madly trying to fill out scholarship applications and trying to prepare for my first audition which has to be recorded and sent and received prior to January 26th. Finishing off the last of the concerts this past weekend and having a lesson have really helped ease that stress and now I feel relaxed and calm going into the Christmas break which is good, hopefully I'll be able to enjoy more!

I was involved in this awesome project last weekend that was trying to raise over 50,000 dollars for 7 different charities. It was a pit orchestra gig for me, somewhat musically disorganized from my personal preference but the event was a very worthy and good one to be apart of. Over 6,000 people were in attendance between the two concerts with over 4,000 of them coming to the afternoon show, so it was a pretty major event! I broke a string during the first concert, I think from the cold of being right down on the ice of the arena (next time I'm not using my nice violin, I never thought it would be that cold, even with the ice covered by wood planks) so that made things interesting for awhile but I was luckily able to quickly replace it and be back, ready to play before the next song began.

I am hoping to get some pictures uploaded from my trip to Vancouver of some of the amazing window displays and christmas lights up on Broadway. Does anyone know if I am able to copy and paste from facebook?


Merry Christmas all!!

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December 17, 2006 00:41

It's time to sing I want a hippopotamus for Christmas" again! So get singing everyone!

*dances and sings* I want a hippopotamus for Christmas!

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the analytical mind

December 2, 2006 16:03

Today I am going to analyze myself. Or try at least. I'm not sure how successful I will be but I will try!

Things I have realised about myself in the past 3 months:

I love snow and cold when it's NOT windy. This love for snow and cold ends when I slip and fall on ice and end up all bruised and bashed up.

I don't have to meet everyone's expectations of me, I just have to work hard and make sure that I'm satisfied with myself.

I will do my best to be prepared for auditions that are coming up (fast!) but out of the places I've chosen to apply, I am deep down ok and content with any of them. I just hope I get in to one of those places.

I like just about anything if it smells or tastes like coconut.

I love sparkly things.

I miss performing almost every weekend and am happy that the Christmas season has lots of performances for me.

It's easy to get lost and feel unproductive without weekly lessons to work towards and keep yourself focused.

I have some of the best friends I could ever ask for and I'm missing the ones who've left for school this year and I'm going to feel a little empty without them next year if I end up in Halifax.

I hate being incapacitated. It makes me feel like I'm useless.

I enjoy Christmas decorating.

I love the fact that I've got almost all of my Christmas shopping done.

I am thankful someone taught me how to do my hair with chopsticks, it saves a great deal on time.

I love taking pictures of anything and everything.

And lastly, I'm thankful to live in such an awesome country, surrounded by so many great people and I wish everyone could feel as loved and supported by their friends and family as I do and have the same opportunities.

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