October 2006

You know you are a true music geek when....

October 29, 2006 22:12

....your pumpkin carvings begin to resemble your day to day life. :)

Here are my 2006 creations!

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October 14, 2006 12:27

Pictures from my birthday and thanksgiving

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excuses excuses

October 14, 2006 09:29

It's been over two weeks since I've updated my blog, what could have been more important than that weekly routine of blogging? Well for one, it was my birthday and so that kept me occupied over a space of a few days by my family and friends who love me or at least made me feel loved so I'm assuming that it's not a false sense of security and that it is actually true. I've never had such a busy few days around my birthday. On the actual day I had school and then my grandparents took me out to lunch and for a walk and icecream, the following day a friend "kidnapped" me and we went hiking up this clay bluffs that line the lake and then hiked along on the stoney shore which is rarely travelled and made inookshooks and I got a tan :O! It was a lot of fun. I think we've permanently damaged Max and Licky's (the dogs) appetite for walks with us though hehe. After we were done hiking, my friend Rebecca and her Mom and I went to that Canadian delicacy of a resturant known as Tim Horton's (affectionally Timmy's) for a cold drink before dropping off the dogs and heading out to the not so Canadian Boston Pizza where I was presented with a "gag" bag which contained a bright pink, fluffy, flamingo pen, a Johnny Depp poster of Jack Sparrow and the wonderful film, Benny and Joon (sticking with a Johnny Depp themed year my good friend, Jacklin presented me with Pirates of the Caribbean!). After the craziness of perogy pizza and Johnny Depp at Boston's Rebecca and I went to the movie store to rent a movie to watch back at my place and the cashier, we both agreed, was hitting on me. My family had a fairly substancial overdue fee to be paid and I asked to leave it until next time and the cashier said he couldn't do that. I just kind of stuttered and said...." oh, ok then I guess I'll pay for them now?" and he said "nope! Consider them gone." Anyways...so that day lasted until about 2am. The next day after that my parents and I celebrated my both my mom's and mine birthday's. We went out for dinner and then out to a concert. That got us back to Monday which meant school....dance....teaching... or in otherwards, life.

Here in Canada it was Thanksgiving weekend last weekend so that involved eating more than I normally would and spending time with family and for me, for the first, time it also involved going away from home. We decided to do things a bit differently this year and go visit my sister's place in Vancouver. This meant forgoing the turkey dinner for a more easily accomadated, roast chicken which was yummy! A trip to Vancouver is always a welcome thing for me. I love that city, especially on a nice day and we got 4 of them while I was there. While there we did so many things too! My brother flew in the day my parents and I arrived so we picked him up enroute to my sisters place and went to the Steveston harbour for fish and chips, we went to the aquarium as a family, the Vancouver International Film Fest and saw "Mozartballs" (absolutely hilarious!) along with two other shorter films that were part of that evening called "A string quartet in her throat" about the Kronos Quartet and Inuit throat singer, Tanya Tagaq as well as a short animated film called "JumpTrumpRumpBump" (I think i rememebered that correctly....), I also had a lesson while down in Vancouver and we were able to see some other relatives who I hadn't seen in a very long time! It was a busy few days! And then coincidently life starts again after the holiday weekend making it difficult to find time to write something insightful, not that I normally accomplish that anyways but I at least like to pretend that it is and I need more than 5-10 minutes to feel like I've done that.

So that's my excuse for not writing! I will probably add some pictures from the Vancouver excursion and the hike my friend took me on later in the day.

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