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Kelsey Z.

Happy Birthday dear Mozart....would someone please turn Eine Kleine off?

January 28, 2006 at 3:08 AM

*Grooves out to the Police* No....not the actual police, the band. You know the one Sting was a singer in so many years ago? Yeah, that's the one. *sings along*

The freedom this past week has been great! For the first time in years I can practice my violin without having a concert to be prepared for or an exam to be ready for, I can play purely because I want to and it feels good. Now that I never have to play the RCM technique again I have dug my Flesch scale system back out and been doing what Andrew Dawes had me do at Domaine Forget for technique practice. The Debussy Sonata is starting to sound like music a bit and I love playing it. The colors and harmonies are just plain cool and make it infectious! The Scherzo-Tarentelle I have managed to work on the first few pages....after that things look a little scary but I'll get a chance to work on that more tomorrow and hopefully get some fingering in to make it a little less daunting, it's a really fun piece though!!

I'm starting to go a bit loopy with all the Mozart music on the radio. Why couldn't it be Beethoven's 250th Birthday instead?? *sigh* If I have to endure Eine Kliene Nachtmusik or the Marriage of Figaro Overture one more time I might permanently damage my radio. To celebrate the joyous ocassion of Mozart's birthday I will be an emcee, performer and teacher at a music school recital on Sunday afternoon. It's a Mozart Birthday party complete with cake and stories. I have students playing, I will be playing with a couple groups of students and then of course announcing everyone and everything! There's even going to be cake served!

This week has been really busy and interesting. Wednesday night I attended a concert put on by Angele Dubeau and La Pieta. It was a really fun, entertaining evening. At one point during a piece that was a bunch of Liszt and Brahms melodies piled into one, Dubeau suddenly started playing the Brahms concerto. At that point I really wished that the whole concert could have been just her and a pianist but it was still a good concert with lots of variety. An untypical addition to this program viewing for me is that I had to write a review of it for one of the local newspapers. That was a challenge! I've never written anything to be published before but I guess it was an opportunity to try out journalism which is something that has always interested me.

School has been piled on heavy this week. Monday was nice, no homework at all but now I have tons of stuff and it looks like I'll be spending a fair amount of time working on that this weekend. I'm really looking forward to exams being done and over with.

Thanks to all who have been thinking about my dog. She's still here but so far there isn't much improvement but on the flip-side she isn't any worse either.

From Jim W. Miller
Posted on January 28, 2006 at 7:49 AM
My brother's dog had a miraculous healing, confirmed by xrays. Now, if he could just get one for himself. Man, I'd be pissed.
From Linda Lerskier
Posted on January 28, 2006 at 6:51 PM
I like the Figaro overture. What I haven't heard enough of are his horn works. I like. I've had enough if Jupiter.
From Sarka Blahnik
Posted on January 28, 2006 at 9:27 PM
The Mozart birthday party sounds fun! I wish I had something like that to go to...I do have an orchestra concert tomorow, and now that I think about it one of the pieces we are playing is a Mozart bassoon concerto. Yesterday I impulsively bought myself new editions of Mozart violin concertos feels kind of weird (but good!), because I'm usually one of those strange people that don't buy much unless they've planned it out in advance...
From Pauline Lerner
Posted on January 29, 2006 at 1:30 AM
We're playing the Overture to the Magic Flute in my orchestra. I don't think I will ever tire of anything by Mozart.

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